Where is the items & badge_counts documentation?
This is returned as JSON. I am using the /me/associated query function.

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items is documented in the Common Wrapper Object. It is an array of whichever object the given route returns.

In the case of /me/associated,  items is an array of network_user objects.

If you use a filter that returns .wrapper.type, then type will return the type that items has assumed. EG:

    "items": [                    // <=== Linked
            "badge_counts": {
                "bronze": 123,
                "silver": 72,
                "gold": 8
            "question_count": 11,
            "answer_count": 1241,
    "quota_max": 10000,
    "total": 36,
    "type": "network_user"        // <=== Linked

badge_counts is documented in the badge_count object and is just an object with 3 integer properties:

   bronze   integer
   gold       integer
   silver    integer


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