I saw there are two fields in answer type.

One is accepted, introduced in v2.2 and needs private_info access.
While another one is is_accepted without these limits.

Can somebody give an explanation?

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If the answer is the accepted answer, is_accepted is true and anyone can see it.

accepted is set to true only if the currently authenticated user is the one who has accepted the answer.

For instance, if I obtain an access_token with the private_info privilege and call:

/2.2/questions/30028657/answers?site=stackoverflow&key={YOUR APP KEY}&access_token={VALID TOKEN FOR THAT APP}&filter=!%294k-FmUi-xgG3sdSdPz*cQNNqR0A

I see:


accepted is false, because I do not own that question.

On questions owned by the authenticated user, accepted == is_accepted for any answers to that question.

Note that you need to use a filter that returns accepted, as this is not present by default.


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