This is a vastly improved version of QuickComment: comment shortcuts to cut down on tedium. See that post for more information.

See the Github repo for instructions on how to install and use QuickComment2.

For maximum laziness, here's the entire README.md file from the Github repo copy/pasted.


This is a tool for Stack Exchange users that allows you to use automatic keyboard-only snippets while typing a comment.

Simply press the hotkey (Alt+X by default), type in the name (or a substring of the name) of the snippet you wish to use (such as "welcome" or "linkonly"), and hit enter.

Usage instructions

  1. Install userscript (in Chrome, type chrome://extensions in the URL bar and drag'n'drop the qc2.user.js file into the page)
  2. Visit a Stack Exchange site and start writing a comment
  3. Press Alt+X, enjoy


Demo GIFs

My recording program managed to mangle the colors so badly that some of the text isn't even visible. Sorry about that :/

Inserting an autocomment

Changing the hotkey

Other settings (editing an autocomment)

Narrowing down via typing substrings



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