approve tag wiki edits

Moderation privilege awarded at 5,000 reputation

What are tag wikis?

Tag wikis are a general introduction to a topic defined by that tag. They're a place to consolidate and form a sub-community around a tag. They contain, among other things, frequently asked questions in the tag, top users in the tag, and best recent answers in the tag.

Voting on tag wiki edits

All registered users can submit edits for tag wikis. When approving these edits, ensure that:

  • All the content is original or attributed properly
  • Wiki excerpts are concise and contain an objective description of the tag

When you approve tag wiki edits the person submitting the edit will gain 2 reputation points.

Finding tag wikis to vote on

Users with the privilege to vote on tag wikis will start seeing them appear randomly between other posts in the Suggested Edits review task. You can also visit the tag wiki page itself and click on the edit links (similar to a regular post with a suggested edit pending on it) to view the suggestion and vote on it from there.

What badges can I earn?

For your first tag wiki edit, you receive the bronze Tag Editor badge. After 50 tag wiki edits, you also receive the silver Research Assistant badge.