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Soothe your beta api blues with a DIFF view of the entire API compared to the last changed version.

Instantly identify added/removed/changed elements of the API.


Added: alt text

Changed: alt text

SOAPI-DIFF can be found @ http://soapi.info/Tools/Diff.aspx

Changes to the API are detected and reported within 4 hours of change. To be notified of API changes, follow SOAPIWATCH on Twitter

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+1 very useful app, well done. –  systempuntoout Jun 10 '10 at 6:42

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I'd like to suggest two enhancements. One would be a character in a status column to indicate changed entries. This would make in-page searches easier. Perhaps "+", "-" and "C" adjacent to the line number.

C00054    pagesize ... 2,147,483,647])    C00054    pagesize ... 100])
-09137    saber-tooth tiger                         ____________________________
          ____________________________    +09374    unicorn
 09839    same-old-feature                 09839    same-old-feature

The second would be a collapsed view, that would show only the changes (along with the route, parameter and returns headers that they fall under).

Perhaps at soapi.info/Tools/Diff-summary.aspx.

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++ i have been trying to come up with a compact diff summary format suitable for email/rss. this sounds like a viable starting point. –  Sky Sanders Jun 11 '10 at 1:28

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