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Desktop login URL: WebBrowser hangs (.NET) - JavaScript endless-loop

I am using .NET 4 and trying to use the desktop authentication via the web-browser control (WPF and/or WinForms; StackApp NNTP bridge for accessing StackExchange forums (like StackOverflow)). It se…

Threaded comments

Display comments on questions and answers in conversation threads instead of linearly

Post to have write acceess for dt test application (Placeholder)

I'm developing a site with Stack integration and I need to be able to write, so I'm making the required post for write access. I will update it in the future.

Ability to support json type for post request

Right now we it uses url encode to post authenticated request. Maybe an option for application json?

'Activity' tab on profile as default

Userscript to set 'Activity' tab on profile as default tab When the new profile page design was released, there was a feature request to make 'Activity' the default tab. Because this got declined,…

SE Chat Modifications — Keyboard navigation and commands for chat

Make chat even more awesome by adding in extensible commands and keyboard navigation

Porkchat: A Chrome extension with lots of chat tweaks!

Porkchat is a Chrome extension that bundles together a lot of scripts I have written for Stack Exchange chat over the years. It is fully configurable - each individual script can be enabled/disable…

How can i extract a user information on Stack Overflow using Python and stack Overflow App

I am new to python. I want to extract a user bio, answers, questions they made in Stack Overflow. Can I do that using the API? For ex: can I extract the user: name bio and number of questions answe…

Devlookup : A Search tool designed for developers

Devlookup is a search tool designed for developers. It aggregates results from the most important development websites, using Bing as the backend engine. The main goal is to improve resource searc…

StackExchange Election: Primary counter

I want to keep an eye on the votes of the ongoing election, but the unsortedness of the list during the primary election phase makes it hard to keep track of anything. So I wrote a quick script tha…

Any guarantees on JSON string encoding?

According to the JSON specification, JSON can be returned in one of five string encodings: UTF-8 (the default encoding) UTF-16 Little Endian UTF-16 Big Endian UTF-32 Little Endian UTF-32 Big Endi…

How to write a first application?

How to write the first applications to use StackOverflow, for C# under the platform WinRT? How to use the API-functions? Is there a ready-made packages for under winRT (NuGet)? Are there a step by…

Helping people is 'noise or pointless'?

How to batch up multiple id requests to maximize economy and still avoid (400) Bad Request [closed] closed as noise or pointless by Kevin Montrose‚ô¶ Aug 16 at 23:15 This question does not add anyt…

JSON parsing, won't work

I'm using the Stack Apps API. Retrieving questions by tags works well, and the JSON is returned. Now I need to parse the JSON and there is something wrong with my code: $.ajax({ url: 'http://a…

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