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Alexander Jäger
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My glass is mostly half-full, through this it is more simple to master the occasional quests life has to offer, I am in the pursuit of happiness, course it cannot be brought with money nor forced by power. First I seek to understand then to be understood, not just to spread my autobiography, I try to lead myself by values not emotions.

I believe in principles like trust, honesty und forthrightness in our interdependent reality. Through these principles we achieve more synergetic solutions than the sum of their parts. My toolkit consists of more than the usual silver bullets, even though I know how to use a Hammer, not every problem is a nail in my book. Delegation of responsibility is a great helper in both managing and leading my teams, I try to keep them under overcharged and over underchallenged, ideally right in the zone.

While in daily-business I use both sides of my brain: "Manage from the left (rational, logical) and lead from the right (creative, emotional)", whereby I believe that leadership is not a matter of a formal position but an endeavor against mediocrity. Message Delivery to Garcia is part of my life; also I teach people how to find him. The growth mindset lets me develop new skills through autodidactic learning, while intrinsic motivation pushes me forward, without remorse.

My Family, Friends and Colleagues give me the strength to be more than I can be, even on days I feel smaller than I should. I have a natural born fascination in different characters, opposing opinions and exciting topics, also I like getting mail.

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