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John M. Wright
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Pragmatic senior .NET developer with experience across the development lifecycle and a passion for continuous improvement of product, process and self. I previously worked here at Stack Overflow until Oct 2023, but that doesn't mean anything I say is more than my own opinion unless I state otherwise.

See my website/blog for more personal details.

Throughout my career, I have designed and built “shrink-wrapped” software as well as large, distributed, multiplatform network applications. My experience spans the entire software lifecycle: customer-facing requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, testing, release, and maintenance. I have successfully led teams to deliver software using pragmatic methods and continuous process improvement. Though I have experience in a manager role, I prefer to provide leadership through technical direction and mentorship.

I have a passion for high-quality, clean code. Whether through sharing my experiences with TDD approaches, mocking frameworks, and static analysis tools, or guiding less experienced developers through design patterns, SOLID principles, and the darker crevices of the .NET framework, I enjoy sharing my approaches with my peers and learning from their experiences -- helping everyone "level up" as a team.

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