MiFreidgeim SO-stop being evil

If you are curious why Stack Overflow Inc is evil, see https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/334399/summing-up-the-main-issues-the-story-so-far/334417#334417 , https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/333965/firing-mods-and-forced-relicensing-is-stack-exchange-still-interested-in-cooper and other StackExchange Meta discussions. There is also a good overview of the conflicts between community and SO management in https://lunarwatcher.github.io/posts/2019/11/15/why-im-leaving-stack-exchange.html

There is a promising post of Teresa Dietrich https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/343890/the-company-s-commitment-to-rebuilding-the-relationship-with-you-our-community?answertab=active#tab-top, but I prefer to see some real steps before changing my username back to normal

I am .Net developer.

Blog http://mfreidge.Wordpress.com/, twice awarded Geekswithblogs.net Influencer , a few times achieved the first position in Geekswithblogs Top Geeks List

My preferred pronouns are он/его, but on non-Russian language sites you can use whatever you consider polite.