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I am a software developer from the land of samurais and ninjas.

I often refer to coding as an art that one perfects as they get experience and learnings. Once you get started with perfecting the art of perfection then the only thing you can do is get as close to the limit of perfection as possible. If you have tried one approach and failed, find another approach. My favorite ninja quote reads: "If the enemy attacks of the mountain, attack of the sea, if the enemy attacks of the sea, attack of the mountain"

I am a Software Engineer with a strong history of working in the fin-tech space. I have worked with on Databases, JavaScript, Python, and .NET Framework to name a few frameworks and architectures. My current go to passion tech stack is .net core, react, react-native and django. Having dealt with desktop, mobile and web applications, I find it a safe assumption that if you can write it for the web, you can adapt it to run on both mobile and desktop.

I have worked on a quoting engine for an insurance house as my most recent project. However I have also worked on some mobile applications currently available on the google play-store using native android code and most recently react-native. React and AWS have become my most recent interests (Would like to use obsession but...).

I believe in simple to understand, fluid customer experience which promotes safety and easy of mind in all applications I work on. If the user does not have to think about it, then it is good to use.

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