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  • I am Jayendra Kartheek a full stack developer with 7+years of experience worked in various domains like finance, e-commerce, etc.,.I have done my Master of Technology(MTech) in computer science engineering with 7.5CGPA
  • Experienced in Web technologies from past 3 years I predominantly worked close to all majorly used JavaScript Frameworks like Angular, Ember, OpenUI5 , SAPUI5, NodeJS etc.,
  • In the early days of my career I have started a start-up for which I personally taken care of all the architecture.
  • In the past 2 years of my SAP experience I have contributed a lot in delivering applications, involved in delivering 6 apps and currently working in 2 more applications.
  • Have not only written CDS and SAPUI5 development but also have written OPA and CDS unit test cases for all the applications and been Point of contact for CDS unit tests and coverage tests in my team.
  • Have not only contributed for general projects but also been part of What the Hack and trailblazer and also won for best project for First Time User Experience
  • Have started a committee inside the team OPENFX (https://github.com/openfxdc/openfxdc) which helps to update the team with latest technologies (since most of the team people are early talents).
  • My resume in available @http://kartheekgj.github.io/resume/
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