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Stack Overflow for Teams support

Unfortunately, the Free Tier Stack Overflow Team does not have access to APIs. You will not be able to create a PAT if you only have a Free Tier Team assigned to your account.
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Items response empty after article POST request

The API for Teams behaves differently depending on the tier you're paying for: Free tier - No API access Basic tier - Read-only API access Business tier - Read/Write API access Additionally, only ...
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Clarify read-only vs. write operations for Teams in documentation

API access and capabilities depend on the tier of Stack Overflow for Teams that you are subscribed to. Free - No API access Basic - Read-only API access Business - Read and Write API access The ...
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Unable to make API calls using access_token for private Stack Overflow Teams site

In this URL: https://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/questions/unanswered/?team_url=stackoverflow.com%2fc%2ffoosite&site=stackoverflow&key=u9eRD30bklGv9t9gzDRSAQ(( you're passing a team_url ...
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Search by team API - want to have same query results in StackOverflow.com site

There is no "official" Java client. I assume Java comes with an HTTP client in its standard library. That one should do the trick. The minimal example you need is this URL (click it!): ...
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TeamMod v1.1-alpha - Enables moderation features in Teams

One caveat is that some moderator actions are directly linked to SO instead of the team, and then an admin will have to manually copypaste the /c/<teamname> part to perform that action. For ...
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Why am I getting an "Access token sent over non-HTTPS request, it has been invalidated" message?

Teams API access still works for me. Does it still fail for you? There were some recent hiccups. If it still fails, reset your Client Secret and try again. You didn't provide an MCVE. What API ...
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