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I often find a situation where clicking the lost souls link is applicable at an MSE/MSO question, but someone else already commented with a way worse comment than the stock comment generated by the script (missing the essential information and links). If there's already a comment on the question, the stock comment won't be generated. It would be nice to ...


Flags here are being acted upon, it is just that sometimes they take a couple of days to be seen. No moderator on any site is expected to be active every day. There are a number of the lower-traffic sites here in a similar position. That is, keeping going with only one or two moderators. I'm sure The Powers That Be are aware of this and will be ...


feature-request status-completed Lost soul is easy to flag rather than click 3 times on flag dialog for off topic question. But it's up-vote previous canned comment for blatantly off topic for entire site. Give option to up-vote previous comment or not. Sample but not perfect.


I have been using this on Meta Stack Exchange for the past two months, but it broke in the past few days, I have been getting the error message An error occurred, please try again later. when I try to use the script and Vote to Close a question. After getting the error message, my closevote is not registered. The Goodbye “off-topic”, hello “community-...

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