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How to increase app request quota from 300 to 10,000?

You are using the "Javascript SDK" and that's not how it works. The doc page calls the SDK "small and minimalistic".   The source code states: This file is provided to API clients to ...
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503 errors on batch get questions endpoint

So, you are making up to 150 requests in a 30 second period (10 "parallel requests", with a 2 second pause in between). And failing at 80 to 100+ seconds of operation and 400 to 500 total ...
1 vote

Obtain the list of questions associated to answer_ids without losing the information of which question comes from which answer_id

On the other hand, making one single /answers/{ids}/questions request for all the ids (well, I should actually make a request for chunks of 100 entries; then maybe I have to browse the few resulting ...
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Why is my API quota not resetting after UTC reset?

The information in @BrockAdams explanation is useful, but needs some clarification: Quota Pool As mentioned in the API Throttles Doc, all calls with an access_token work from a shared quota per IP. ...
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