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status-completed Can somebody please port this to Firefox? I would definitely appreciate it. FF Desktop Notification support:


It would be really nice if somebody could rewrite this as a Greasemonkey script using Desktop Notifications, so that I could use this with Firefox. In case that last part left you thinking that there's something wrong with me, take a look at this. :)


This is currently disabled on Firefox plug-in page: > ADD-ONS > Extensions > Swatch Are there issues with this 'by-passing' controls, or allowing extra privileges?


bug The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network. This allows users to get notifications about any activity on a question when they follow it. However, this extension does not work properly with the new feature. The extension successfully notifies the user when they have a notification from a followed question, but fails to ...


I'm probably talking to myself here since it appears nobody except me has been on this page in years, but I figured I should mention that (contrary to my previous comment) the add-in still works just fine, and I've been using the Firefox version daily (minutely?!) for months without issue. If the developer(s) were around, I'd have a couple minor feature ...

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