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After user login, how do you ask user for permissions?

I forgot to add the scope in the authentication url according to this document 1.Send a user to, with these ...
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How to convert unix timestamp to .NET DateTime

I am aware that the last activity in this thread was more than four years ago, but since it still shows up in Google searches, I would like to point out some errors in the conversion. I have no ...
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Implicit Flow Isn't Redirecting

Sorry about that. Turns out, return URLs were broken on entirely during signup and login. A fix is out now, so any API app auth redirect issues should also be resolved with it. ...
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"access_denied" error in the write answer at stackoverflow

You have to create a post describing your application, and edit it into your application's registration. Basically, the first arrow needs a value; and you can set it when you edit (with the second ...
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How to use the StacMan library to add a new question?

As Brock Adams stated in his answer, you can't do this via the StacMan library. Might I suggest an alternative? You should be able to add new questions via the SEStandard library at SEStandard - A ....
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Stack Exchange login hangs on Windows 10 Mobile?

I had to change the structure of Authentication on my App. For windows 10, I use AuthenticationBroker but for Windows 10 Phone I used the old WebView Model and completed login implementation.
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