This is currently not possible via the API. The best you could do is have the user logged into a browser and then screen-scrape the stackoverflow.com/users/{user_id}/?tab=votes pages... Hardly an acceptable workaround. The Authentication doc, Scope section, does say: private_info - access full history of a user's private actions on the site. But ...


The key mistake here is neglecting the Wrapper Object, and this is a big flaw with the filter documentation. The wrapper is the box that everything you get from the API comes in. You always get the wrapper object except in the grossest of server/API errors. (In your case you were getting a wrapper of {}.) The stuff you care about, the payload, is the ...


This was fixed in the latest deploy.


The tagged parameter to /search and related methods is an OR. This query will return questions tagged c# or java, for example. Or is rather expensive, which is one (of the many) reasons those methods are limited in how many results they return.

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