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status-planned Just a simple recommendation (I do not particularly like the abbreviations): could there be a table on hover, e.g: * Like the Roomba Forecaster userscript. The table can contain long details like "Answered the question", "Edited the question", etc.


feature-request status-deferred Please add a way to search through these posts1. Possible use cases: Checking your recent comments (on either questions or answers) to see whether they are still up to date. Checking whether or not some edits you made a while ago can be improved upon. If you normally comment on (or edit) posts that you've seen, you can use ...


No, they should not. We "abuse" the Question and Answer model a bit but what basically happens when you post a question tagged app, script or library, the answers basically can be seen as tickets/issues for the "product" in the question. It is of course up to the OP if they prefer to use answers for issue tracking and instead defer that ...

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