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Stacky - A .NET client library (Full support for API v2.0)

Stacky - A .NET Client Library The same great library now supports the 2.0 API! Sample Code IUrlClient urlClient = new UrlClient(); IProtocol protocol = new ...
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OBSOLETE - Soapi.CS : A fully relational fluent .NET Stack Exchange API client library

Soapi.CS for .Net / Silverlight / Windows Phone 7 / Mono as easy as breathing...: var context = new ApiContext(apiKey).Initialize(false); Question thisPost = context.Official .StackApps ....
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Overflow7 - Stack Exchange sites on Windows Phone 7

Video of 1.0 On YouTube - About This is a Stack Overflow app for Windows Phone 7 - it allows you to browse, read and bookmark Stack Exchange sites Screenshot ...
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StackO: A Windows Phone 7 StackExchange App

EDIT STACKO is now available for download from the Marketplace. For features/suggestions please visit StackO is a StackExchange browser allowing you to search the whole ...
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Metro Stack - A Windows Phone Stack Exchange app

Screenshot I’m pleased to announce MetroStack: A Windows Phone 8.1 app to interact with any website part of the Stack Exchange Network. Sort, search and view questions, answers, tags and users. ...
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Stackoverflow as an app on Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7?

Do you know of an app for Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7 that let me use and hast most (if not all) features of the site itself. Maybe there is one currently in development? ...
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Stack Mate - Explore your StackExchange accounts and get notified about unread messages and notifications on Windows Phone

About Stack Mate is a simple Windows Phone app which pulls in your StackExchange account details and keeps you up to date with any activity on the site. This application was not created to browse ...
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WStack - Stack Exchange app for Windows Phone 8.1

Important Version requires write access for new features so if you are upgrading from an older version please logout and login again to WStack. Update Verion is now live. Upvote, ...
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Stack Overflow app for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 and Android

About Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 don't have a Stack Overflow app and I would like to create one for both the platforms. Aim: To create an app that can be used to browse through the questions on ...
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ExchangeLinq: LINQ Query Provider for Stack Exchange API v2.0

ExchangeLinq is a LINQ Query Provider for the Stack Exchange API. It only supports API v2.0. It is currently in alpha state and is being developed for Exchange It, a Stack Exchange client for Windows ...
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StackApps for Windows Phone 8

Can anyone suggest a good app for Windows Phone 8 or let me know Where an I find API to build my own?
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Posting an answer via StackOverflow API

This is in reference to the StackOverflow for Windows and Windows Phone . I'm in the middle of the development of the app. Right now, I am trying to implement the posting of answers using the API. My ...
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StackWatcher - Live tiles for Windows Phone 7

Screenshot About Add some glanceable Stack Exchange reputation tiles to your Windows Phone 7 home screen. Some obvious features are yet to be built: More information on the user screen, maybe a ...
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Not possible to login to approve or reject access to application on Windows Phone 7 device

I'm making an app for Windows Phone using the Stack Exchange API but I'm having a bit of trouble when I try to let the user approve the application (using client side flow). I open a web browser at ...
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SOAPI data fails on WP7

Im trying to simply get all of the recent questions using Windows Phone 7. But I keep getting an ObjectDisposedException My Code is not complicated: public void BeginGetAllRecentQuestions() { ...
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Login problem on devices pre Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

I have recently published an app for browsing Stack Exchange websites and a major feedback I received from users was about the inability to use oauth login form while logging into the app. The ...
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(Unofficial) Stack Overflow, Windows Phone app forgets its place when sleeping

Sometimes, when I'm reading a question on this (unofficial) Stack Overflow, Windows Phone app, the phone goes to sleep. When I wake it up, it's forgotten I was reading a question, and has gone back to ...
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