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Questions tagged [typescript]

For apps, scripts and/or libraries that use or are coded in Typescript, the statically typed superset over Javascript

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Generate StackApps - post generator for userscripts

Tired of writing Stack Apps posts by hand? With Generate StackApps you can focus on what's really important — userscripts and delegate the busywork to automation.

Stack Exchange API Types - a type declaration package for API types

Stack Exchange API Types adds type definitions for various API types

Generate Headers - a utility package for validating and auto generating userscript manager headers

Tired of writing out userscript headers by hand? Of small typos in your @match headers leading to wasted time? Generate Headers to the rescue: this utility package automates header generation for p…

Stack Exchange Global Types - a type declaration package for global objects exposed by Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange global types adds or augments type definitions for global objects exposed by Stack Exchange to aid userscript authors

Save the waffles! Bringing back custom 404 pages to Stack Exchange

The userscript brings back custom 404 page images to sites of the Stack Exchange network

ChatOvercharged - making inserting markdown links in chat convenient

ChatOvercharged makes inserting markdown-formatted links in chat convenient

Three Columns - Displays the question page, post textarea, and post preview in side-by-side columns

Three Columns ( install ) (github) This is a userscript which allows those with reasonably wide monitors to make the most of their screen real-estate when posting, by making the questi…

Comment History Checker - See comment score and your deleted comments at a glance

Review the status and reception of your comments and their parent posts

tag-trends: a web app for viewing the popularity of Stack Overflow tags

tag-trends is a web app that lets you visualize the popularity of Stack Overflow tags over time. Just enter a tag and you can see how many questions were asked about it each month. Screenshot Down…