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Indicates that a submitted issue is actually due to the existing design of the system and is not considered erroneous behaviour.

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Why is sort by name reverse alphabetical?

It makes sense that reputation or date should sort descending, but name? I tested both /users and /tags and they sort reverse alphabetical, so Z before A. Is that by design or just a side effect of ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Don't allow requests with No Key to use existing session with valid API Key

Once I did a request with a valid API key Every requests (from that IP) later on without key will use existing session with API key, limit counter ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Method /users/{id} doesn't return "about_me" if the user has never modified it

See title. When a user never modified their "about me" section the API doesn't return that, which then causes my parser to go wild returning errors. However, when a user has modified their "about me"...
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