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For questions about using the Stack Exchange API to access Stack Overflow for Teams data. For general Stack Overflow for Teams questions, please visit Meta Stack Overflow.

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Enable access to post images in the API, for "Stack Overflow for Teams"

The Stack Exchange API supports access to Stack Overflow for Teams; see the Teams API documentation. But, since Teams content is private, post images aren't uploaded to, but instead hosted ...
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/articles api filtering on tag does not return any results

I am attempting to pull the articles from my company's collective. They are all returned when no tagged filter is used. This should return results for the articles tagged wso2 or is there a different ...
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Update Teams API documentation to reflect dependency on tier

The documentation says (emphasis mine): Starting with the release of Stack Overflow For Teams, the Stack Exchange API exposes read-only access to data stored in private Teams. This is slightly ...
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Requesting Assistance for OAuth Implementation in the Stack Overflow API

I'm attempting to set up OAuth in the Stack Overflow API. I've created a Stack App and obtained the Client ID and Client Secret. However, I'm encountering difficulties in the process and require ...
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Add API to get posts of one collection

We are Teams users and want to get all the articles and questions added into one collection. I did not find it in the documentation.
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Stack OverflowTesting

How can I use Stack Overflow for Teams with Stack Exchange API combined? I have tried creating a stack app and using client ID in Stack Exchange API. I made a localhost application to implement Stack ...
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Error calling Stack Overflow Teams API using Python requests library

I'm trying to call a PUT/DELETE request using the Stack Overflow Teams API in Python, but I'm encountering errors. As an FYI, I have a working PAT that allows me to make get requests for articles and ...
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