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For questions about using the Stack Exchange API to access Stack Overflow for Teams data. For general Stack Overflow for Teams questions, please visit Meta Stack Overflow.

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4 votes
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Unable to make API calls using access_token for private Stack Overflow Teams site

I am attempting to create an application utilizing the API to query data from our private Stack Overflow Teams site. I've read through the documentation at ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Items response empty after article POST request

I'm trying to post an article using StackExchange's Teams API then try to pull that new article's id from the API response. The article gets posted but the items field is empty : {"items":[],...
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Update Teams API documentation to reflect dependency on tier

The documentation says (emphasis mine): Starting with the release of Stack Overflow For Teams, the Stack Exchange API exposes read-only access to data stored in private Teams. This is slightly ...
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