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Question relating to the (now obsolete) Soapi.CS family of libraries.

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OBSOLETE - Soapi.FindUser - Quickly find a any Stack Exchange user

OBSOLETE: has been down since at least 2012. Soapi.FindUser About Soapi.FindUser is a tiny .NET 3.5 application that searches all Stack Exchange sites for users by name with the provided ...
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2 answers

OBSOLETE - Soapi.FindUser (silverlight) Quickly find any user anywhere in the Stackiverse!

OBSOLETE: has been down since at least 2012. Soapi.FindUser - Silverlight Edition Configuration: {irreparable screenshot was here} About Soapi.FindUser (silverlight) is provides a means ...
6 votes
1 answer

OBSOLETE - Soapi.Explore (silverlight) - The entire API at your command

OBSOLETE: has been down since at least 2012. Soapi.Explore SL About Soapi.Explore SL is a Silverlight based annotated test harness for the Stack Exchange API. All API methods and ...
24 votes
7 answers
3k views - everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. (about an SE user. almost.)

About All Stack Exchange users at your fingertips. The core of this application is a robust data acquisition and maintenance platform based on Soapi.CS that reliably and ...
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Anyone build a "Outlook Social Connector" for SO? (perhaps integrated Soapi.CS/C#)

I'd like to see an Outlook Social plugin that shows the reputation of everyone on a given email message. Update: Here is a sample project to get started. 80% of the work is now complete... It would ...
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SOREP V2: Ranked Flair Take 2

SOREP V2: Ranked and aggregated flair About SOREP V2 is a flair service that is built upon the StackUser platform that provides ranked flair, both in standard layout and themes as well as custom ...
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2 answers

Are there more implementation samples with Stack Exchange API 1.0? How could this API useful to me or my users?

I'm looking at how the Stack Exchange API could be useful in my site. Is it fair to say I am in read-only mode when I search for results? What is some envisioned use-case scenarios for this? I ...
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Soapi.LastSeen - List users by last access time

Soapi.LastSeen About Soapi.LastSeen lists the top 3,000 users of any Stack Exchange site by last access time. License GPL - source code in Soapi.CS demos and provided below. Download Soapi.LastSeen ...
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What's the difference between tags soapi.cs and soapi.js to get a bug triggered by the former?

Right now questions tagged soapi.cs returns a HTTP status code 404 (for various HTTP clients) while questions tagged soapi.js does not. Interestingly though, soapi.cs seems to work just fine in other ...
17 votes
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What is SOAPI and why should I care?

Let me answer the last question first: Why should you care? You shouldn't care unless you are a .NET or JavaScript coder who can leverage robust client access libraries for the Stack Exchange API ...