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For questions that use Silverlight as runtime platform to use the Stack Exchange API.

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4 votes
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How to retrieve paged API results in C# and Silverlight

In this tip we are going to leverage the SimpleRequestFactory and gather a multipage response. Let's pull the first 5 pages of 100 users on NOTE: for Silverlight, substitute Newtonsoft....
4 votes
2 answers

OBSOLETE - Soapi.FindUser (silverlight) Quickly find any user anywhere in the Stackiverse!

OBSOLETE: has been down since at least 2012. Soapi.FindUser - Silverlight Edition Configuration: {irreparable screenshot was here} About Soapi.FindUser (silverlight) is provides a means ...
6 votes
1 answer

OBSOLETE - Soapi.Explore (silverlight) - The entire API at your command

OBSOLETE: has been down since at least 2012. Soapi.Explore SL About Soapi.Explore SL is a Silverlight based annotated test harness for the Stack Exchange API. All API methods and ...
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Overflow7 - Stack Exchange sites on Windows Phone 7

Video of 1.0 On YouTube - About This is a Stack Overflow app for Windows Phone 7 - it allows you to browse, read and bookmark Stack Exchange sites Screenshot ...
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1 answer

update crossdomain.xml on and api endpoints to work with current Flash

I am implementing a javascript client that uses the Flash based XHR replacement Flensed in the interest of providing more robust api communication than that provided by JSONP. Apparently the current ...
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2 answers

Silverlight download JSON from API fails

I cant seem to download the JSON for the questions on SO, I cant get the HTML and JSON from other addresses, but the SO API always returns jibberish. Here is my code: public void ...
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0 answers

Dev-Tip: How to call the API in C# and Silverlight

This tip shows a simple and reliable way to create HttpWebRequest that are configured to properly query the api. With the exception of the AutomaticDecompression assignment, this code can be used in ...