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User reputation as returned by the API or displayed on Stack Exchange sites

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What's the default fromdate for the /users/{id}/reputation route?

I'm getting different amounts of positive-rep when I use the fromdate and todate parameters with the /users/{id}/reputation route than when I don't use those parameters and accept the defaults. I ...
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Is there a way to determine total number of upvotes and downvotes (etc) for a user (regardless of reputation cap)?

For example, if you use the /users/<id>/reputation call, you get a list of reputation changes for the user, but it takes the daily reputation cap into account. What I would like is an API call ...
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API having more rights than a 0 rep user.

The fact that the API has total_upvotes and total_downvotes makes the fact that you need 1000 rep on the sites a bit weird. Are there more things that the API knows by default, which you can only ...
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How do I get the ten reputation required to post an image for my app?

Funny that in order to enter and include a screenshot, you need ten reputation points. Go figure.
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My reputation graph is messed up.

See here: Go to my rep graph and notice that it only shows about 350 points... Where's my other 4100?
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StackTray: The Stack Overflow tray application

Screenshot Icon on left Hover over icon Context menu Reputation Alerts About This application sits in your system tray and periodically checks Stack Overflow for any new badges or ...
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What's with the reputation here on Stack Apps?

This site is only a couple of hours old, yet there are 33 users with over 2000 rep and 9 with over 4000. Are these values holdovers from, where everyone started out with ...
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Hide all pointless user data (avatar, badges, and reputation)

Hide pointless user data on When I look at answers, I often take the user's reputation points into account on whether I upvote them or not. This is a terribly bad thing to do as you ...
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Reputation Tracker now covers SOFU, Meta SO and Programmers SE

I don't know if anyone's actually using my Reputation Tracker tool, but it now lets you select which sites you want to see reputation for. For example, the URL for me to find out how I've done today ...
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