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For apps that don't quite work yet, but need a registered Stack Apps post for testing. If you're following a tutorial which asks to post a placeholder app here, that's fine, but please delete it after you're done.

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Vinder: Stack Exchange Voting Tinder (Placeholder)

Placeholder, suggestion by Simon Forsberg. The purpose of this application is to allow a more convenient method of voting on Stack Exchange posts, while creating a shuffle and supporting lower-rep…

Stack Overflow Addin for Outlook (Placeholder)

This is a placeholder app for now. This add-in will enhance outlook's functionality where in user can search in Stack Overflow and post questions on stack overflow sitting in outlook only. It will…

PLACEHOLDER - FroloStack - simple Stack Overflow client for Android

This is a simple Stack Overflow client for Android. It allows users to search questions, answers of questions and other users. Also users will be able to add their answers to a question. it is stil…

PLACEHOLDER - DataWeave Slack-Stack

Read questions about DataWeave in Stack Overflow and post it into a channel in Slack. A response in that channel creates an answer in Stack Overflow. The app is not yet ready for prime time.

StackExchange Electron app (Placeholder)

Stack Exchange Client. I created this post for getting write access to testing my application for desktop application. Language: JavaScript Technology Electron v1.8.2 beta-2 Source code: https:/…

Stack Overflow Android App (Placeholder)

This is a placeholder for the Stack Overflow Android app. Parallel to the Stack Overflow iOS App, these are Stack Overflow only versions of the Stack Exchange apps. More information to come soon.


This is an outlook app. Users will be able to post questions to StackOverflow right from their inbox. This app is not yet ready for prime time.

Test script for API key (placeholder)

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Placeholder for app that I'm making at work

We are making an app that allows users to submit questions to stackexchange through our website. It isn't ready yet - but need this post for testing.

BountyHunter - an app to track reputation of a group of people

This is a demo app I am building to track the Stack Exchange reputations of people in our (company) group. Github repository

UWP Stack Exchange App

A Universal Windows App for the Stack Exchange network. Not ready for use, but listing it here so I can test write access. UPDATE: I'm beginning to put the app into a very gradual closed beta. Let…

davidism's sandbox (placeholder)

Come visit the Python chat room to see what we're up to. Off to a "great" start.

Pyle: A Stack Exchange client for UWP (Placeholder)

Currently under development, in open beta on the Store. If you'd like an invitation to the Slack beta-testers team for quicker and more direct communication, just let me know.

Devy (Placeholder)

About I am developing a desktop application (Devy) for stackoverflow with enhanced user interface. Platform Windows, OS X Language NodeJS, Angular2

(placeholder) testing a Chrome extension to interface with

Ignore this for now, please! I'm working on a Chrome extension that will allows students in CS50, Harvard's introductory computer science course, to ask questions and get notifications from cs50.s…

My placeholder [placeholder]

This post is to allow us to do our development of our new Stack App. We are a 403 and we need to create this post and link it to our app info. widget (Placeholder)

This app will be used as a widget on my site, right now it is in development. It will be listing all answers for the particular people. After a public release it will be an open-source project.

ExchangeNET - A Windows Stack Exchange client [WIP]

Author's Note This is very much a work in progress. If it weren't for the requirement that apps have a registered Stack Apps post to write, I wouldn't even have posted this yet. What is Exchang…

Blizstack publishing for write access (Placeholder)

Blizzard asks their candidates to create a stackoverflow clone using their api. This app will never actually be published and will be deleted afterwords. code:…

Question Analysis Script (PLACEHOLDER)

I'll update this with more details when the script is complete. This will be used to perform certain types of analysis on questions

Blizzard is Overflowing - Reskin of basic SO to look like a blizzard site

Placeholder for a basic re-skin of the profile page search page and question page. Needed for write access.

Test App for testing stack exchange API for write_access to Stack Overflow Website (Placeholder)

This application tries to post a question to stack overflow website using the stack Exchange API. The application is still under development and this is the mandatory post I need to make to test my…

Stack Overflow R companion (Placeholder)

I am working on an R package that will allow posting Stack Overflow answers from the comfort of the R interactive console. It will be hosted at -- alth…

PLACEHOLDER - SO Stalker - Beauty and fluent for Windows10 app

I'm working on a Stack Overflow app to track my cases and make a good archive. I need this post for authorization. Here are some screenshots: I'm working on it.

PLACEHOLDER - StackExchange StackOverflow app

Stack Overflow Client. I created this post for getting write access to testing my application for android application.Testing my skills while trying to create a simple app for basic usage Langu…

PLACEHOLDER - Zendesk channel integration

This integration for Zendesk (web-based help desk software) integrates Stack Exchange as a separate channel so that support tickets can be created from any Stack Exchange question by configured tag…

PLACEHOLDER - Automated System for upvoting/dowvoting answers as a mini game (University Project)

Working on a system for upvoting/downvoting answers as a mini shooter game. You can also post answers but it's under develeopment. GitHub Repo.

PLACEHOLDER - Boson: Track anything, anywhere!

Boson is a both a framework to create any general purpose tracking robots for Stack Exchange and also a tracking bot built on top of the framework to report any content that matches a given set o…

Asking the real questions: A prototype for a new editor of (Placeholder)

This is a prototype for a new editor (experimental) which gives recommendations how to further improve the question in order to increase the chance of getting useful answers. Currently this is und…

soate - remove angular tags (placeholder)

Angular had a major API change from version 1 to version 2. That's why there are different tags for questions for version 1 resp. version >=2. This cli tool is supposed to make it easier to remove …

Test application: cwsh (Placeholder)

I'm testing out the Stack Exchange API with a tiny script that fixes a typo. It's written in PHP and used the implicit client-side OAuth flow to get the access token. Lessons learned {"error_i…

Adding tags for questions tagged inconsistently (Placeholder)

I'm adding a new tag to all questions that satisfy certain rules, to keep tagging more consistent. See Which tag(s) to use for Python typing questions for details.

Comment review – review all comments on a site (Placeholder)

A script to allow reviewing all comments on a site. Useful especially on sites where old questions tend to gather rantings and such (e.g. politics).

Zendesk Channel Integration for Stack Exchange [Placeholder]

This integration for Zendesk (web-based help desk software) integrates Stack Exchange as a separate channel so that support tickets can be created from any Stack Exchange question by configured tag…

SOF_ASSESS App (placeholder)

This the necessary post for testing the SOF_ASSESS application. About This is a prototype app that will drive the answering of questions on Stack Overflow. Many Developers, IT and technical sta…

(placeholder) A userscript to show the reputation of users on the “Filtered Questions” stackoverflow page

On the 'Filtered Questions' page of Stackexchange, I see a list of questions for the tags that I am interested in (or for a specific filter created by me). This list of questions shows the name of …

Social Connect for Visual Studio

This app will post content to Stack Exchange websites from Visual Studio and notify about activities in the account.

PLACEHOLDER - Comment Flagger

A utility to automatically flag "thank you" comments from SEDE queries like this one - To be completed.

PLACEHOLDER - Stack App Mobile / Flutter

Stack App Mobile / Flutter - To be completed.


A small app for making detecting and flagging VLQs & NAAs easier. Not ready yet.

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Exchange Toolbox

A couple of small applications for contributing to Stack Exchange. (For personal use only, at least for the foreseeable future. I need to post this question for write access.)

Makyen development & testing (Placeholder)

This is a placeholder for me to do development, testing and personal use. The intent is that no applications will be released beyond my own use using the credentials associated with this placeholder.