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Questions about using PHP code to interact with Stack Exchange and/or the Stack Exchange API. ... For general PHP questions, post on Stack Overflow instead.

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32 votes
6 answers

Stack.PHP - Powerful and Extensive Library for Accessing the Stack Exchange API - Including Full Support for v2.0.

Don't know where to start? Begin by checking out the Stack.PHP website. Then head over here for a quick tutorial on setting up and using Stack.PHP. About Why you should use Stack.PHP: Stack....
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9 votes
1 answer

Getting "application not configured for implicit grants" error trying to setup website

I had a developer setup StackExchange auth for a site last year and that still works fine. I have cloned that site and am in the process of changing out all of the relevant names and keys to the new ...
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16 votes
2 answers

PHPstack - A PHP wrapper to the SE API

PHPstack PHPstack is meant to be an easy to use PHP wrapper for the Stack Exchange API. <?php require_once('lib/requestcore.class.php'); require_once('phpstack.class.php'); $so = new ...
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Possible Gzip or data format problems when trying to read JSON.

This is a very basic question. I just want to display a test batch of JSON with PHP, but I think I don't have the correct formatting, since the data received looks garbled when outputed, and it causes ...
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20 votes
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OBSOLETE - StackImage - Generating Images of Questions and Users [Now with Global Flair!]

RIP June 23, 2010 - July 4, 2013 All of the features that StackImage provides are either available with the built-in flair on each Stack Exchange site or provided by StackImage's successor: ...
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4 votes
0 answers

How to quickly retag a question from the API?

I'm playing with the write API, and I'd like to simply retag a question. This is the code I have so far: $editURL = '' . $question->{"question_id"} . '/...
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2 votes
0 answers

OAuth2 Authentication Redirection error in PHP

I'm trying to authenticate into Stack Exchange's API with the following URL:
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Stack Exchange v2.2 PHP API Client [closed]

I am developing a PHP library for interacting with the Stack Exchange API. Most of the methods are unimplemented so far. I am writing this post because I need to test some auth methods. My app ...
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