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For questions relating to authenticating with the Stack Exchange API using OAuth 2.0, which is an open standard for authorization. General OAuth 2.0 questions are off-topic but might find a home elsewhere in the network.

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Unable to get access token

I am trying to get a non-expiry access token, like so:{{some_uri}}&client_id={{some_value}} I am repeatedly getting the error: ...
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Can the redirect_uri contain port number?

Is it possible to have the redirect_uri contain a specific port? For example: Assuming that is my registered domain, is the 8080 allowed? I have tried to put it as part ...
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Can not request info after OAuth

I am following The implicit OAuth 2.0 flow Guide: My client ID is 4709 while key is RoZwtHUrhMP088oVGCMlxA(( I appended my URL as:
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Getting "application not configured for implicit grants" error trying to setup website

I had a developer setup StackExchange auth for a site last year and that still works fine. I have cloned that site and am in the process of changing out all of the relevant names and keys to the new ...
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How can I quickly get an access token for personal use?

Registering your application or script gets you a higher daily quota and is fairly simply; a step by step guide is documented here: I only need a key, what do I do? However, what if I do want an ...
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Javascript SDK channelUrl for local development [duplicate]

I am trying to get started with the Javascript SDK. I am developing on a web server on my local machine. I get a channelUrl-related error when calling SE.init. My code: SE.init({ clientId: ...
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Stack Exchange OAuth2, explicit access-token response format does not adhere to RFC6749 standard

I'm using the Stack Exchange v2.1 API. I'm using the explicit OAuth 2.0 flow, but it seems that the access token response step does not adhere to the RFC 6749 standard. Specifically, the Stack ...
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OAuth redirect not completing

This is the URL that I'm entering (in Safari, cleared website data and cache; my app, uses own Cookie jar; and incognito chrome)
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What exactly is a valid OAuth domain name for registering your app?

I'm starting to write a native Android client for Stack Overflow, and wondering what exactly is a valid OAuth domain name? Is it the package name of my app? Or do I have to point it to a server ...
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`redirect_uri` is not under the registered domain for this application

I am trying to implement Stack Exchange authorization in my RoR application. But I get the error : redirect_uri is not under the registered domain for this application in Gemfile use: gem '...
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Getting an API key for an application without a server

When I go to register my application, it asks me my OAUTH application URL. But I don't have an OAuth server and I just want to get the api-key without my server. How can I fill out the form required ...
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Login using Google fails saying OpenID 2.0 accounts for Google has gone away

Recently I have received complaints about my app suggesting that logging in with a Google account shows a warning message that OpenID authentication has gone away. When I tried to log in with my own ...
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Can we specify more than one OAuth Domain?

I would like to use the API from a browser extension. With WebExtensions, I should be able to support Firefox and Chrome with the same code. Chrome provides an identity API for OAuth2, and so does ...
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Propose Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange as OAuth provider to demo-eleventy-serverless-oauth

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Eleventy is a static website generator. On version 1 it added support for severless functions. During the beta, the Eleventy maintainer created a demo for using ...
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JavaScript SDK-based workflow never pushes message back from OAuth login_success page on Stack Exchange side

I'm using the JavaScript SDK by Stack Exchange provided with the latest API, and despite following the official instructions & examples it doesn't work - it seems there is a bug which breaks the ...
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As a user, where in the web UI could I find all the tokens I have granted for Stack Apps?

I want to manage or revoke access tokens I have granted to 3rd party Stack Apps, but I have a hard time to find them in the UI.
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Issue with JavaScript SDK

When using the JavaScript SDK to enable client side OAuth flow, I'm running into this issue: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'postMessage') And the page gets stuck with the ...
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Suddenly getting "Couldn't parse `client_id`"

For years, I've run a local PHP app using GuzzleHttp\Client to download my StackExchange posts. Today, I'm suddenly getting this problem when posting my client_id, client_secret, code, redirect_uri. { ...
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Cannot authenticate with OAuth2

I was testing an app and suddenly I can't login any more. Neither my app or the Stack App configuration hasn't changed, so I'm thinking this might be a bug on the API side. The OAuth error seems a ...
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API Implicit Authentication with Python

I am working on an desktop inbox notifier for StackOverflow, using the API with Python. The script I am working on first logs the user in on StackExchange, and then requests authorisation for the ...
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Creating personal applications using Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange API

I want to create an application to read Stack Overflow notifications on my device. My question: what should I provide in the OAuth Domain and Application website fields while registering the ...
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Find out whether a user has association bonus

I searched for this in the api docs and on this page but couldn't find any information: I have an api token of a given user. Is there a way to find out whether this user has association bonus rights? ...
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Implicit OAuth Flow stopped working. Redirect happening to a non existent URL [duplicate]

The following URL is first hit when a user clicks on Login:
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"OAuth request must be over HTTPS" when request is over https

I had a bug reported to me that I was able to reproduce. When authorizing to my Badges webapp, we get the following error: error: invalid_request error description: OAuth request must be over ...
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Help with javascript SDK configuration

The following problem is REAL! All names have been changed to protect the innocent. I have a site at "" And I have my app configured like ...
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Localhost test Stack App authentication: error 'redirect_uri' does not match

I tried the answer at "Can the redirect_uri contain port number"? But I am getting the following error: Provided redirect_uri does not match the redirect_uri this code was created with My access ...
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Permission request form is broken, approve button is hidden, css variables are missing

You can check that form doesn't work with this link
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iOS Client for stackoverflow always throws redirect_uri not a valid uri

I tried to use the Stack Exchange API to authenticate the user. I have registered my app with redirect_uri as But it always throws "redirect_uri is not a valid ...
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"client_id rejected" error when retrieving the access_token

I'm developing an application in C# and I to post questions, so I need an access token. I registered my application and I have received a client ID. Then I get the following query-string to get the ...
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OAuth2 Authentication Redirection error in PHP

I'm trying to authenticate into Stack Exchange's API with the following URL:
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OAuth redirect_uri to strips part of the query string

I have a browser extension that uses OAuth2 to retrieve an access token. As recommended by, I use as the ...
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