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Apps that provide notifications of things happening.

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StackApplet — Bringing Stack Exchange Notifications to Your Desktop [Large scale rewrite in progress]

Rewrite In Progress I am currently in the process of completely rewriting this application from scratch. The code for the old version was an absolute disaster, written nearly four years ago when ...
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OBSOLETE - soapi-notify : Stay ahead of the pack with new question notification V1 release

Obsolete: This app no longer works. It uses a version of the API that was decommissioned in May of 2014. soapi-notify Stay ahead of the pack soapi-notify is an easy to use windows application ...
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StackEye - Chrome Extension to follow users and questions on StackExchange sites

StackEye is a Chrome extension which can be used to follow other users for their answers and questions. Using StackEye you can also add a question to your watchlist there by getting notifications for ...
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Stack2RSS - A JSON to RSS Conversion Service [Now Fully Open Source!]

New Location The site has moved here:   Stack2RSS About Stack2RSS is a small service that when given an API query, generates an RSS feed ...
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StackTracker - Cross-platform desktop notification app

Screenshot / Code Snippet Current Version: Beta build v1.0 About StackTracker, a cross-platform desktop notifier for the StackExchange API built with PyQt4 The application displays a task tray ...
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SENotifier, a Stack Exchange inbox notifier for Mac OS X

Screenshot Updates Version 1.1 Added support for Notification Center (10.8 and later) Adjusted menu icon to align better with existing menu items Auto-update is now supported via Sparkle Version 1....
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Newt - question, answer and comment and rep change notifications for Mac OS X

Newt is a simple Mac OS X utility that notifies you about new questions, answers, comments and reputation changes. Now, everyone can become a Jon Skeet! [DEPRECATED] I enjoyed making this ...
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Real-time desktop notifications for Stack Exchange inbox ( Chrome / Firefox )

Screenshot More screenshots: About Get real-time desktop notifications for your inbox at the Stack Exchange. After ...
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OBSOLETE - New Q! - Google Chrome Extension notifies you of new questions of interest and inbox messages

Obsolete. Code last updated 7 years ago. Chrome store links are long dead. Source code still available though. Screenshots A new question notification in Chrome 6 in Windows XP A new answer and ...
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StacksGuru: a near realtime bot for all Stack Exchange sites

UPDATE Stacksguru address is now [email protected] (in the plural form) remove the old contact ([email protected]) and use the new one. StacksGuru is a Jabber/XMPP bot which gives you a ...
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OBSOLETE - StackAnywhere - A Stack Exchange client for Android

Discontinued In light of the release of the official Stack Exchange app, which has far more functionality, there seems little point in releasing further updates for StackAnywhere. I've made the ad-...
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SENotify - Stack Exchange new question notification (perl/growl)

Output/Screenshot Growl notification Growl on Mac Growl on Windows Terminal output $ perl -s stackoverflow -r 60 -v 2 question found on serverfault at : Tue Jun 22 21:41:38 2010 ...
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OBSOLETE - Stack Exchange Notifier Chrome Extension

#Obsolete: Links are dead; no source code. About Stack Exchange Notifier is a handy extension for Google Chrome browser that displays your current reputation, badges on Stack Exchange sites and ...
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StackInbox - a Chrome/Firefox Extension that Preserves New Stack Exchange Inbox Messages Until They Are Actually Read

Screenshot / Code Snippet Below is a screenshot of the inbox with two viewed yet unread messages: About Preserves new Stack Exchange Inbox messages until they are actually read, not just viewed in ...
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Stack Exchange Desktop Notifications

Below is a copy of Stack Exchange Notifications This userscript will make HTML5 notifications popup when something happens on a question that you have open ...
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Is there a Stack Exchange notification app for Windows 7?

Is there a Stack Exchange notification app for Windows 7?
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How to use Stack Exchange WebSockets?

I am developing a Visual Studio Extension where I would be knowing about the activity on my posts. I found out that wss:// is used for this purpose. Can somebody help me in ...
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Web SENotify - Stack Exchange website new question notification

Screenshot About This website is a notification tool of new question on Stack Exchange website. License Public Domain Download Download content (html, css, js from) Platform ...
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