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Use this tag to POST, or announce, libraries which provide access to the Stack Exchange API and/or Stack exchange sites. The body of the question will give usage examples, as well as source and licensing details. For *general* questions use the [libraries] tag instead. For questions about a specific library, post an "answer" to that library's "question" announcement.

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Want a way to give your user the access token nicely?

Well your wishes have been fulfilled. Over on GitHub is a page ready designed for you to use! It's my SEAuthentication repro. What does it do? How does it work? The essential code is below. There…

Ruby library for Stack Exchange API

I have written a Ruby library for accessing Stack Exchange questions, comments, badges and users. I am adding more methods. Repository Documentation…

Insert direct documentation links in to answers

Based on previous topics on, there appears to be a gap how we can better assist users when answering questions by providing direct links to documentation (supplementing the a…

Stack Exchange Chat API Documentation and Bot Boilerplate (finally)

Chat Documentation GitHub Link: Description: I know many people have created bots in different languages. Thats why I need your h…

SEStandard - A .NET Standard 1.1 compliant Stack Exchange client library that supports API v2.2

A .NET Standard 1.1 compliant C# library for querying the Stack Exchange API (supports v2.2).

Ruby SE Realtime: A library for watching the SE Realtime WebSocket

A library for interacting with the SE Realtime WebSocket.

ChatX: A ruby library for SE Chat

ChatX is a ruby chat library. Despite it's -pre version number, it is currently in a fully usable state.

stackcpp - An asynchronous C++11 library for the StackExchange API

stackcpp is an asynchronous C++11 library for the StackExchange API!

Stack2XML - A JSON to XML Conversion Service

Stack2XML is a web service that fulfills API requests on your behalf and converts the results to XML before returning it to you. The purpose of this service is to support those languages / environm…

Tangoverflow - StackApps API using D with Tango

So far, in commit #2, can successfully parse the statistics API into an object. I'll update more as I get more of the API done (but for now, I need to go take a bike ride and enjoy the outdoors a …

stack2py - A Python wrapper for API v2 [alpha]

stack2py is a library which wraps the SE API (v2.1) for Python. It aims to provide a clean and complete interface to the user, giving them complete control and accessibility. Although, currently it…

OBSOLETE - ActionStack - An ActionScript Wrapper for the API

ActionStack is an ActionScript 3 wrapper for the StackOverflow API. ActionStack fully supports all API methods, including StackAuth methods. Although there is no documentation for ActionStack at th…

Generate StackApps - post generator for userscripts

Tired of writing Stack Apps posts by hand? With Generate StackApps you can focus on what's really important — userscripts and delegate the busywork to automation.

PLACEHOLDER - Pipedream extension for doing actions on stackexchange

I am using the Stack Exchange API for doing actions on the website which can be performed using a portal I am building which links various other platforms.