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Use this tag to POST, or announce, libraries which provide access to the Stack Exchange API and/or Stack exchange sites. The body of the question will give usage examples, as well as source and licensing details. For *general* questions use the [libraries] tag instead. For questions about a specific library, post an "answer" to that library's "question" announcement.

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ChatExchange - It is an API for Chat

It is an API for Chat, made in Javascript License ChatExchange is released under the Apache License 2.0. Download You can download ChatExchange here: Compressed Version or Normal Version Conta…

Ruby library for Stack Exchange API

I have written a Ruby library for accessing Stack Exchange questions, comments, badges and users. I am adding more methods. Repository Documentation…

Insert direct documentation links in to answers

Based on previous topics on, there appears to be a gap how we can better assist users when answering questions by providing direct links to documentation (supplementing the a…

Calling SE APIs with Nushell (basic overview)

While I still prefer a more "traditional" shell for day-to-day use, I'm finding Nushell's structured data capabilities to be a fantastic companion to the SE API (among others). It's been…

ChatX: A ruby library for SE Chat

ChatX is a ruby chat library. Despite it's -pre version number, it is currently in a fully usable state.

go-sechat - Go package for interacting with the Stack Exchange chat network

The Stack Exchange chat network does not currently have an API. However, after spending a bit of time in Chrome's Inspector, I was able to reverse-engineer most of the requests and responses travel…

Want a way to give your user the access token nicely?

Well your wishes have been fulfilled. Over on GitHub is a page ready designed for you to use! It's my SEAuthentication repro. What does it do? How does it work? The essential code is below. There…

PyStackAPI - wrapper for the StackExchange API, written in Python

PyStackAPI The latest version - 0.1.0 What is PyStackAPI? PyStackAPI is a modern, 100% typed wrapper for the StackExchange API, written in Python. Documentation You can find documentation here: htt…

SEStandard - A .NET Standard 1.1 compliant Stack Exchange client library that supports API v2.2

A .NET Standard 1.1 compliant C# library for querying the Stack Exchange API (supports v2.2).

Ruby SE Realtime: A library for watching the SE Realtime WebSocket

A library for interacting with the SE Realtime WebSocket.

stackcpp - An asynchronous C++11 library for the StackExchange API

stackcpp is an asynchronous C++11 library for the StackExchange API!

stack2py - A Python wrapper for API v2 [alpha]

stack2py is a library which wraps the SE API (v2.1) for Python. It aims to provide a clean and complete interface to the user, giving them complete control and accessibility. Although, currently it…

Stack2XML - A JSON to XML Conversion Service

Stack2XML is a web service that fulfills API requests on your behalf and converts the results to XML before returning it to you. The purpose of this service is to support those languages / environm…

Tangoverflow - StackApps API using D with Tango

So far, in commit #2, can successfully parse the statistics API into an object. I'll update more as I get more of the API done (but for now, I need to go take a bike ride and enjoy the outdoors a …

Helper module for SE API for Nushell

Following on from Calling SE APIs with Nushell (basic overview), I have developed a helper module for calling SE API's in Nushell. The library itself is short and included in the first answer. Us…

Generate StackApps - post generator for userscripts

Tired of writing Stack Apps posts by hand? With Generate StackApps you can focus on what's really important — userscripts and delegate the busywork to automation.

OBSOLETE - ActionStack - An ActionScript Wrapper for the API

ActionStack is an ActionScript 3 wrapper for the StackOverflow API. ActionStack fully supports all API methods, including StackAuth methods. Although there is no documentation for ActionStack at th…

PLACEHOLDER - Pipedream extension for doing actions on stackexchange

I am using the Stack Exchange API for doing actions on the website which can be performed using a portal I am building which links various other platforms.