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Stack Exchange Java client library

Sample Code /** * The following will print out the current stats for the * Stack Overflow site ( */ public class Example { public static void main(String[] args) { ...
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SOCharts: Charts by Tags

Screenshot I created this small app as a weekend hack. It shows the reputations, upvotes, downvotes and accepted answers for a user against the tags for the answers. About I wanted to know how may ...
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OBSOLETE - Stacklipse - Eclipse plugin preview

Obsolete. This plugin is for/uses a decommissioned version of the API. About Stacklipse is an eclipse plugin that utilizes Stack Apps API to provide a search view in Eclipse. Currently just provide a ...
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Is it OK to have a test account for a developing client?

I'm currently trying to implement an agorava component for Stackoverflow, and for testing purpose, i would like to create a test account, which would have one question asked, and would maybe send ...
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OBSOLETE - RoboStack: A Google Wave robot for the Stack Exchange API

OBSOLETE - Google Wave doesn't exist anymore. Screenshot / Code Snippet For a video snapshot visit About Unlike a Jabber/XMPP robot, this application is a Google ...
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Java Wrapper for the 2.2 API

I've been looking for a Java based API/wrapper/DAO for the new SE API 2.2. but could not find any (May very well be a limitation of my search skills, though.) I found references to attempts at ...
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CareerStack - An Android app to search Stack Overflow Careers from your mobile or tablet

Screenshots About Powered by Stack Overflow Careers' RSS feed, CareerStack is an Android app to search & share job listings easily from any Android device. Users can search by: ...
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Differences between versions 1.x and 2.x of the Stack Exchange API?

I had written a Java Wrapper for the Stack Exchange API, version 1.x, Which was working perfectly. But, since 12 May 2014, services for version 1.x have been shutdown and my Wrapper stopped working. ...
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Trying to get Stack Overflow Access token Using "RestAssured"

I have been trying to create an access token for a Stack Exchange app (already created). I am not even sure if I am using the correct URL RestAssured....