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A question about the /inbox and related Stack Exchange API methods.

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Stack Exchange Notifications: inbox, achievements, score, improve text editor and lightbox

Install Chrome Firefox Edge Opera Note: you can install developer edtion (inclusive in google chrome) if download from and ...
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Top Bar for Chat Rooms

As of 1.12, thanks entirely to Shog9's efforts, this now works on Firefox as well as Chrome! Description: Provides a fully functional top bar, including realtime notifications, easy chat server ...
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StackInbox v2.2 - Inbox client for Mac (Now with notifications)

Screenshot Changelog 2.2 Notifications, now you can switch between Inbox items and notifications, unread number will show in the scope bar. More of the preview text is shown. Fixed bug where menu ...
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Inbox auto-read - a userscript to mark inbox notifications as read automatically

Inbox auto-read Install Tl;dr: This Tampermonkey userscript automatically reads inbox notifications when it is opened instead of requiring one to press the Mark all read button. I gave it the MIT ...
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Get our Stack Exchange inbox as native notification on Chrome

About I'm new to the Stack Exchange sites. So I was looking for Chrome Extensions get make my experience better. I searched for a simple and good looking Notification app. I found nothing so I make ...
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Automark as read

The following simple script reverts the most significant one of the inbox ‘improvements’: it marks all inbox messages as read as soon as the inbox is closed. // ==UserScript== // @name Stack ...
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Example of inbox items?

Would it be possible to get an example of each type returned by the inbox, Eg careers messages, and whatever meta questions are. Do careers invites/chat messages/etc have ids? And what is their site?
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API to Emulate Notifications

Is there a API End Point that will emulate Test Notifications? When I say Notifications, I Mean both Inbox and Achievements. Right now i am using below for the data Unread Notification : https://...
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Inbox Reader - Reads your inbox

Screenshot About It reads your inbox License Inbox Reader is released under the Apache License 2.0. Download You can download Inbox Reader here:
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/me/inbox is not returning most recent items

Looks like /me/inbox is either a bit behind or it's not supposed to be realtime. Explanation: for a comment that I received 4 hours ago It's not returned in the API:
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Hidden page tracks Read/Unread Inbox items better than API or Inbox?

How does this hidden page ( know which Inbox notifications I have/haven't opened? Both the drop-down inbox and the API (ie, seem ...
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Unread messages in inbox query shows older inbox messages

I am using the /inbox/unread route to get the unread messages in a user's inbox. Recently (over the last couple of months, perhaps) I have noticed that the entries returned from this route initially ...
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