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A question about the /inbox and related Stack Exchange API methods.

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SENotifier, a Stack Exchange inbox notifier for Mac OS X

Screenshot Updates Version 1.1 Added support for Notification Center (10.8 and later) Adjusted menu icon to align better with existing menu items Auto-update is now supported via Sparkle Version 1....
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Real-time desktop notifications for Stack Exchange inbox ( Chrome / Firefox )

Screenshot More screenshots: About Get real-time desktop notifications for your inbox at the Stack Exchange. After ...
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Marking inbox items as read in api v2.2

I'm aware of this question, but it applied to an older (readonly) api version. Given that API 2.2 is read/write, I figured this might be possible now. Is there any way for an application using the ...
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StackInbox - a Chrome/Firefox Extension that Preserves New Stack Exchange Inbox Messages Until They Are Actually Read

Screenshot / Code Snippet Below is a screenshot of the inbox with two viewed yet unread messages: About Preserves new Stack Exchange Inbox messages until they are actually read, not just viewed in ...
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StackInbox v2.2 - Inbox client for Mac (Now with notifications)

Screenshot Changelog 2.2 Notifications, now you can switch between Inbox items and notifications, unread number will show in the scope bar. More of the preview text is shown. Fixed bug where menu ...
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How can I get unread messages for inbox testing? [duplicate]

I use /users/{id}/inbox/unread method to get unread items in a user's inbox. But how could I test it if I have no unread items in my inbox? How can I get/generate unread messages for testing? P.S. ...
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Why is "body" missing from certain inbox items?

I have run into some confusion over the presence of the body attribute in an inbox-item returned by the /inbox method. When item_type is set to "careers_invitations", the body attribute appears to be ...
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Inbox item not marked as read after viewing [duplicate]

Accessing inbox items using the following url: /me/inbox Unread inbox items remain unread (is_unread = true) even after that specific item has been read using the API (v2.1). The items are marked ...
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Why do you need to specify a site when getting the inbox?

I'm getting a user's inbox via /me/inbox. I am forced to specify a site with this, so I'm setting it to Stack Overflow. However, it still gets all my notifications, including those from other sites. ...
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API to Emulate Notifications

Is there a API End Point that will emulate Test Notifications? When I say Notifications, I Mean both Inbox and Achievements. Right now i am using below for the data Unread Notification : https://...
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Request: Mark inbox items as read, now that API 2.2 is here [duplicate]

Now we have write API, can we get a method for the inbox to mark inbox items as read? Previously I believe the reason for not having this was the risk of apps marking items as read without the user ...
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Unread messages in inbox query shows older inbox messages

I am using the /inbox/unread route to get the unread messages in a user's inbox. Recently (over the last couple of months, perhaps) I have noticed that the entries returned from this route initially ...
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