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Questions tagged [greasemonkey]

Use the Tampermonkey tag unless you are specifically targeting GM4 or later. .. Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which allows you to run JavaScript code on specific web pages.

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About: This is a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script that re-styles an SE site to look like Download / Install: You can install either the site or the chat version on Greasy Fork (...
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Webmotes :: With Stack Exchange Site Linking Support

About: Webmotes is a JavaScript script for use in Tampermonkey (and Greasemonkey) that allows you to replace a string like [facebook] into a Webmote. If you have Webmotes enabled, [itworks] will ...
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Real time questions for any Stack Exchange site

Screenshot / Code Snippet About This script provides real time updates and filtering of active questions for all SE sites. Shows active questions in real time Filter by favorite tags Filter by ...
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A way to mimic the "share a link to this answer" dialog from a user script?

I would like to make a browser "user script" (like Greasemonkey etc) that can pop open a window with a text field for the user to select and copy so they can paste it elsewhere. I want to match the ...
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