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Questions tagged [editing]

For questions about either API methods for editing posts, or for tools/apps/scripts that enhance the editing experience.

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Stack Exchange Editor Toolkit

This userscript is a revival of sorts for the old SE Editor Toolkit, which was abandoned some time ago. It only really provides the autocorrect aspect for the foreseeable future, which I find to be ...
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Stack Exchange Side-By-Side Edit and Preview

Note: the new inline editing breaks this user script pretty seriously, so it doesn't work at the moment. I will be working on fixing it to work with the new system when I get a chance, but it may take ...
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Get Comment markdown, copy comment code to clipboard

About: This userscript adds flyover buttons to every comment to fetch that comment's code (markdown). Reference this post, and this post on Meta Stack Overflow. Features: The markdown is paste-...
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Dragon: an automatic editor

Placeholder removal While the placeholder tags have been removed, this project is still very much experimental - Dragon now works, but it doesn't always work well. Common sense while using is still ...
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Inline editor regardless of reputation

The following simple script provides an ability to edit any posts inline regardless of reputation (works if logged out also). Download / view code Screenshot from there:
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Suggested Edits Queue for Mere Mortals

Screenshot About This Java command-line app gives you access to the Suggested Edits queue using the Stack Exchange 2.0 API. It is ideally suited for users in the 2000 <= reputation < 5000 ...
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MEHF - tool for quickly testing code snippets, with StackOverflow support

Screenshot About MEHF is partway between an IDE and a REPL. (The name "MEHF" is partway between "IDE " and "REPL.") It's designed to offer quick testing of code ...
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Math buttons for sites without MathJax support

Download View source or install (you will need a plugin like GreaseMonkey for this). What it does For sites that don't have MathJax support, but occasionally need math, HTML codes like &cap; ...
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Stack Overflow Snippets for Sublime Text

About: This is a utility for the Sublime Text editor. Press Shift + Ctrl + H in your Sublime Text, enter a search query, and get code snippets from the matched questions. Screenshot / Code Snippet: ...
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Edit summary options

Description Gives you little checkboxes above the edit summary with preset options like "formatted code" or "removed signature." Screenshots Userscript ...
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Markdown Shortcuts for StackExchange - insert latex commands quickly by keybindings

About This userscript gives users quick key bindings to speed up the process of editing mathjax/chem/etc. into posts. Example usage: Pressing Alt+I would insert \pi directly. Pressing Alt+R would ...
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Stack Exchange Editor Extra: a userscript to add extra features to the Markdown Editor

Stack Exchange Editor Extra A userscript which adds extra features to the default SE Markdown Editor. Extra features: Insert code with Ace Editor (alt + a) Find & Replace (with modifiers) (alt+ ...
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CDNSaver - never look for a CDN link twice

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Stack Snippets provides a great shortcut for popular library CDN links via the dropdowns on the left sidebar. However, it's uncustomizable, and when it comes to ...
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Three Columns - Displays the question page, post textarea, and post preview in side-by-side columns

Three Columns ( install ) (github) This is a userscript which allows those with reasonably wide monitors to make the most of their screen real-estate when posting, by making the question, ...
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Display tag excerpt tooltips when editing a question

There's a 25-score question on MSE with the same title requesting this feature. The obvious solution: create a userscript to do it. :) You can install the script by clicking here.
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Can Stack Exchange include the number of edits a user has made on a site in /users/<id>/edits?

Originally, I wrote: In the old review queue, users could see their progress towards the Copy Editor and Strunk and White badges, but since the new review queues were implemented, this information ...
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Bring focus to inline tag editor

Description Focus the inline tag edit tool1 when opened. Allows for using keyboard immediately to interact with the tags. Press Escape to cancel the editing or Enter to save. 1Part of the moderator ...
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Unicode Char Counter - a userscript for making SE's character counter aware of non-ASCII chars 🤦‍♂️

Screenshot / Code Snippet Live preview of the new counter: The counter also preserves the "heatmap" colour coding: About Disclaimer: please note that the script will not allow you to ...
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Stack Snippet Lag Fixer

About Inspired by this question on SO Meta. Sometimes, when posting or editing posts with one or more Stack Snippets, the editor requires a lot of resources to continuously re-render the post preview. ...
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Auto Format code snippets

Is it possible to auto format code so you don't have to go to each line and space 4 times? For example I know about the 'enter code here' but that doesn't always work correctly! It should be ...
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IPA Keyboard for Linguistics.SE

This script adds an IPA keyboard button to the editing toolbar Installation Click here to install. Will only work in Chrome or Firefox (the latter requires Greasemonkey). See this page if you have ...
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Improve error message when attempting to edit a post while not having enough reputation

When attempting to edit a post while not having enough reputation, like happened here: API to submit a Suggested Edit, the API returns the following: { "error_id": 407, "...
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Wrong error message when attempting to edit a locked answer

When attempting to edit a locked answer like this one via the /answers/{id}/edit API method, I get an error message: Account is not allowed to suggest edits I have the privilege to edit the post, ...
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Mass find and replace in answers, questions and titles of questions

1. Briefly I don't find, how I can mass replace string in multiple answers, questions and titles of questions of any Stack Exchange site. 2. Example For example, I want to replace incorrect form of ...
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Script to set the default image description text?

Stack Exchange sets enter image description here as the default description — this is mainly useful for new users who may not know that the title can be modified. I'm looking for a script to ...
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How to get notified when any of the content I have edited or posted is edited, deleted, or closed?

How can I "keep an eye" on all my content on SE? Due to policy, users aren't notified when their questions or answers are deleted, despite numerous feature requests. I've looked at StackCenter but it ...
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