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Questions tagged [dev-tool]

Use for questions that pertain to developer tools when used in conjunction with an app, script or library that utilizes the Stack Exchange API and/or site.

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Stack Overflow View - Visual Studio code extension

Visual Studio Code extension for browsing Stack Overflow

OBSOLETE - SOAPI-EXPLORE: Self-updating single page JavaSript API test harness

SOAPI-EXPLORE this post was one of the two that were listed regarding SOAPI. For a full overview of the SOAPI eco-system see What is SOAPI and why should I care? For a more robust API discovery to…

SOAPI-REST: Complete Stack Overflow API specification in machine readable format

SOAPI-REST Services At four hour intervals, SOAPI-WATCH parses the complete Stack Overflow API documentation and generates a complete object graph representing the API including all routes, parame…

MEHF - tool for quickly testing code snippets, with StackOverflow support

MEHF is partway between an IDE and a REPL. (The name "MEHF" is partway between "IDE " and "REPL.") It's designed to offer quick testing of code fragments for which an …

StackInTheFlow - An IntelliJ plugin to query Stack Overflow

StackInTheFlow An IntelliJ plugin to query Stack Overflow. Search Stack Overflow Without Leaving the IDE StackInTheFlow integrates seamlessly with Intellij to allow you to find the solutions to…

OBSOLETE - SOAPI-PARAM-EXAM: A flat sortable, filterable list of all parameters in the Stack Overflow api

OBSOLETE: the website is down SOAPI-PARAM-EXAM SOAPI-PARAM-EXAM is a little scooby snack of a tool that lets you get your eyes on all of the parameters in the api. This is useful for vi…