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For questions about the date parameters/values as used by the API and their format. Use this tag as well for questions about dates found in the UI of an SE site if you have a script or app that leverages those dates.

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Why are these answers dated before the question was asked?

Does anyone know why some answers are shown with a date before the question was asked? Here are a couple of examples: Why doesn't Java have compound assignment versions of the conditional-and and ...
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bad_parameter when using key with todate?

I'm having trouble using my API key with the todate parameter. My query works fine with todate: $ curl -s "
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6 votes
1 answer

API throws improper error when "date" parameters are the same

When using the Stack Exchange /questions API using the same date for fromdate and todate I get a 500 internal server error. Using different dates appears to work OK but specifying the same value ...
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4 votes
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How do I parse the dates from the API?

I see that JSON returned by the API contains dates in the following format: "creation_date":1364546475 ^^^^^^^^^^ What's the meaning of it? How can I parse it to get the date in the ...
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Why does adding fromdate=<long time ago> return a different set than without it?

I've been trying to get some stats for the Windows 8 challenge over on Super User. I've noticed that there are some questions missing if I add fromdate=0. Why is this? Without fromdate: http://api....
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What is the unix epoch date, range [0, 253,402,300,799] in the API docs?

The type of the fromdate or todate in several methods is set to unix epoch date, range [0, 253,402,300,799] I don't know what that is and I can't find any information -- can someone explain it or ...
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93 views returning questions from 2009? body => question[0] => [creation_date] => 1254969799 1254969799 == Thu, 08 Oct ...
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Can we add a creation_date to the /sites method?

I think we really need a way to determine when one of the new sites went live so that they can be ordered by date. Something like: { "name": "Gaming Meta", "logo_url": "
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