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Use this tag for tools/issues about *either* closed/on-hold questions or about the process of close-voting or flagging questions into the closed (or on-hold) state. Closed questions will not accept additional answers and my be automatically deleted.

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Close hammer warning

Power users may have experienced this situation before: They see a question that’s clearly a duplicate, so they hunt down the duplicate target and close the question. It’s only then that they realize ...
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Auto-Add A Comment When Closing

About Automatically adds a comment when closing a question, with the text taken directly from the close reason you chose, so that the OP can see why their question may be being downvoted, and improve ...
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Bonfire - dashboard for FireAlarm detecting low-quality questions

FireAlarm is a chatbot detecting low-quality questions. Bonfire is a web-dashboard written using Ruby on Rails, made specifically for FireAlarm. Upon low quality post detection, FireAlarm sends all ...
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Duplicate manager with automatic closure and duplicate list editing

Description This is a userscript partly inspired by Aran Fey's Duplicate Target Manager and responds to this meta question (by myself) API to programmatically close questions as duplicate with ...
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View close votes, reopen votes, and delete votes with insufficient repuation

Screenshot / Code Snippet About This script shows the number of current close votes, reopen votes and delete votes for a question. Works on all Stack Exchange sites. License GNU Lesser General Public ...
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Question Close Notifier - a userscript to notify you when one of your questions close somewhere on the network

About This simple userscript checks all of your accounts across the Stack Exchange network, and informs you if a question of yours has closed. Because SE refuse to do so :( The way it works is ...
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OBSOLETE - Enhanced Review

Obsolete: Install link is dead as well as the Source code link. This userscript adds voting options to the sidebar of Close Review and Low Quality Review of Stack Exchange sites, as well as Help &...
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Always Be Closing

Gist: Description: A userscript that adds easy to reach and use buttons for the most common closure tasks. As configured, the buttons ...
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Restore missing and/or obsolete Close-Vote Reasons

About: This userscript restores missing/obsolete close-vote reasons to the close-vote dialog. This script is in response to: A chat request where the poster used it in conjunction with a bug report....
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Add a color highlight to closed questions in the question lists

Screenshot / Code Snippet Adds a color highlight to closed questions. Inspired on a question asked by Hakan Fıstık About The script will highlight the close reason found at the end of a question ...
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How to get more details flags from questions?

Short question: How to get the flags that led up to a question being closed? When we are going to flag a question, we have to look at /questions/{id}/flags/options first, and I can see The option ...
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Auto-comment Close Reasons

Description This script will automagically fill the comment box for you when you vote to close with the reason you are voting to close for! That way the user that asked the question can know what is ...
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