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A chatbot is an automated program that sends, and/or responds to, chat messages.

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ChatBot, a bot. For the chat

About Lurks in the shadows of the chat. It executes commands at the request of the user, sending messages as the user who runs it. You can talk to it the StackOverflow SandBox room if you want to ...
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Generic Bot – A Moderation Chatbot

Generic Bot is a chatbot meant to help with moderation tasks on Stack Overflow. You can find the bot in the SOBotics chatroom. Flag Tracker (Userscript) When you flag a post, this userscript will ...
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RebolBot - a chat bot for the chat rooms

RebolBot is a chat bot with a natural English dialect interface, specifically targeting the StackOverflow chat rooms. Yet it has a modular design, can post tweets to Twitter, and could be modified ...
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FireAlarm: detecting low-quality questions with machine learning

There are two versions of FireAlarm. One version is written in C, and the other is written in Swift. This post is about the Swift version. FireAlarm is a chatbot Ashish Ahuja and I have been ...
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NAABot - Bot which finds and flags problematic answers on Stack Overflow

Description The aim of this project is to write a simple bot which will monitor all new answers posted on Stack Overflow and flag the ones which are not answers in accordance to the guidelines ...
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Sloshy the Thawman: A simple bot for keeping Stack{Overflow,Exchange} chat rooms alive

On and, chat rooms will freeze after some two weeks of inactivity. While this is fine and status-bydesign, some rooms are worth keeping ...
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SE-Chatbot, a bot for the chat rooms

I created a chat bot for the Stack Exchange chat rooms. The bot is open-source and the code is hosted on GitHub. The bot is licensed under CPOL (The Code Project Open License) v1.02. You can find a ...
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Rodgort - A tool for managing burninations on Stack Overflow

This project is no longer maintained. One instance is hosted by Das_Geek which controls this user, but minimal support is available. Rodgort What is this? A project created by the team in SOBotics (...
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WelcomeBot - a bot to welcome you

WelcomeBot A Stack Exchange chatbot written in Python that uses ChatExchange. Many parts of this were modeled after SmokeDetector, another Stack Exchange chatbot. Features Welcomes new users ...
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1 answer

ThirdPlace JavaScript chat library

Screenshot / Code Snippet var room = ThirdPlace.Room.GetCurrentRoom(); var message = new ThirdPlace.Message; message.room_id =; message.content = "ThirdPlace.js is a library which abstracts ...
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SE Chat Flagger Bot

This is a bot that sits in the MSE tavern. What does it do? Smokey sends in a spam report. You reply tp with a reason and it will flag the post accordingly. NOTES: This does not flag based on how ...
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7 votes
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Stackb0t | Messenger chatbot for Stack Overflow

Stackb0t Screenshots Say hi / hello to get started.. Get unread inbox and reputation changes About It sends unread inbox + reputation changes in Messenger once registered. Why did I create it? Who ...
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PLACEHOLDER: Typo Finder Bot (Stack Overflow)

This is a post is to announce the development of a bot (which will be running on the account Secretary), whose task is to find posts in need of some formatting/editing help. The goal is to use a ...
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Toasty: A better chat antifreeze bot

About Toasty is an antifreeze bot for the Stack Exchange chat system. It automatically sends messages in low-activity rooms to keep the system from freezing them for inactivity. Toasty is usable by ...
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Stack Exchange Chat API Documentation and Bot Boilerplate (finally)

Chat Documentation GitHub Link: Description: I know many people have created bots in different languages. Thats why I need your help ...
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RTFM: a discord bot which runs code and queries documentations

This post is to ensure the bot described can use the API with a key ; it can search questions from any SE website This bot is still in development. However a stable version is already running 24/7 (...
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How do I send a message to Stack Exchange Chat using a webhook?

Apparently this is off-topic for Meta SE. I have a repository for Utility Bot, a Stack Exchange chatbot I made. GitHub has a feature that allows you to send repository events via a POST request to a ...
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