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Questions tagged [c++]

For questions about using the Stack Exchange API with the C++ programming language. General questions about C++ are off-topic

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SOwhat Stack Overflow browser

SOwhat is a Qt-based application that attempts to mimic the Stack Overflow website. License SOwhat is released under the MIT license. Download Currently, this is what I can offer: Linux 64-bit: htt…

OBSOLETE - so++ - C++ Library

so++ is an object-oriented wrapper for the StackOverflow API. It currently uses libcurl and jsoncpp. The .zip file includes examples, though they need the API key replaced. License so++ is rele…

Ask Ubuntu Data Server - Blazing Fast Searches from the Data Dump and API

This project was born out of a need to get data from the Ask Ubuntu API with little latency. Since the API itself is quite slow (with respect to the /similar method in particular) and is not suitab…

stackapi.cpp - a C++20 library for the Stack Exchange API

I needed a (non-boost) C++ API library for Stuff™. So far, I've stuck to a single highly specialised and minimal implementation (that this library is based on), but because I have plans to write an…

stackchat.cpp - a C++20 library for Stack Exchange chat

C++20 library for Stack Exchange chat, with exactly 0 boost. Includes the core framework for bots, including command structures, listeners, etc., as well as base functionality.

PLACEHOLDER - Stack Exchange data dump downloader and transformer

A downloader and transformer system for Stack Exchange's new anti-community data dump system

stackcpp - An asynchronous C++11 library for the StackExchange API

stackcpp is an asynchronous C++11 library for the StackExchange API!