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Questions tagged [api-key]

Questions about the registration, management, and usage of API keys.

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How API Keys Work (FAQ)

What are the API request limits? A single IP address can only make a certain number of API requests per day, depending on the presence of a valid API key. Default API daily limits: Key: 10,000 No Key:...
8 votes
1 answer

How to make a Stack Exchange API call, using my key

I have a Meteor application and I'm making API calls like: var urlString = ""+surl; ("GET", urlString, {params:{site:"stackoverflow"}}, function (...
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1 answer

Is it appropriate to register for a "Dev" app key?

When an app is in early development stages, it is quite common not to have an Icon, a Name, a Website, or even a description. I'm considering registering one key which I could use in all my Alpha ...
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My registered apps are not showing in my profile; where can I find them?

I registered two apps in Stack Apps, but when I access my account, it shows no registered apps. How can I mark them as my apps and how can access app settings (client id, key), etc?
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6 votes
1 answer

Does a closed and/or deleted Stack Apps post still provide access to the API?

Registering your application as a Stack Apps app is necessary in order to obtain a higher request quota, authentication and write access to the API. What happens if the question is closed because of ...
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How to access my App info

I've registered for an app yesterday, but I'm not finding where should I go to see/edit its info again. I've search through profile, at but couldn't find it.
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28 votes
0 answers

Deleting an application key? [duplicate]

There should be delete buttons on so we can delete API-keys. Or at least de-activate them? I mean, cancelled projects, etc... A deletion button ...
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20 votes
0 answers

How to delete an OAuth (2.0) API key?

I created a couple of extra keys I don't need. Can I delete them? I don't see an option anywhere in the list or on the page for the key itself.
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10 votes
1 answer

How to delete apps in StackApps?

I have registered an app in Stack Apps. I am trying to delete it, but unable to find the solution. Is there a way to delete it?
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Separate Request Quotas for Authorized [app]s

Imagine, if you will, you have a popular [app] hosted on a cloud computing service which is also used by a number of other [app]s. If this service forces clients to share IPs (and they all do, in ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Getting an API key for an application without a server

When I go to register my application, it asks me my OAUTH application URL. But I don't have an OAuth server and I just want to get the api-key without my server. How can I fill out the form required ...
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Can we specify more than one OAuth Domain?

I would like to use the API from a browser extension. With WebExtensions, I should be able to support Firefox and Chrome with the same code. Chrome provides an identity API for OAuth2, and so does ...
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1 answer

Are "api-key" and "app-key" the same thing?

When tagging my last couple of questions about registering for a key, I noticed there are two similar-looking tags: api-key - 35 uses and a tag wiki app-key - 10 uses (Update: retagged), no ...
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1 answer

Is it okay to just send the API key (without implementing oauth-2 login)?

I'm writing a small Android app that issues customizable queries and displays the results in a read-only format. I might implement oauth-2 in a future version, but want to leave it out of version 1.0 (...
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16 votes
1 answer

Registering app for API 2.0 key without Oauth domain

I'm trying to register an app, but it states that I need to add an OAuth domain. But I have Enable Client Side OAuth Flow disabled, because I don't need it right now. I basically have two questions: ...
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4 answers

API key limit increase support

One of the things that came up in the discussion on this question was the fact that the 10K limits might not be enough for websites that want to use the SE API. It might be a good idea to add a ...
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1 answer

How to solve bad_parameter error?

I'm trying to make the Stack Exchange API request using the key provided by Stack Apps. But whenever I try it always throws the below error. {'error_id': 400, 'error_message': "key doesn't match a ...
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2 answers

Can I apply the API Key first and do the application later?

I don't have an application to submit at the moment, but can I apply the key first?
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Can I register for an API key for an "alpha" site?

I appreciate that you'll want to limit users of the no-key API, however I fear that on a daily basis I might exceed the 300 limit in testing alone. I certainly don't want to hammer the API, but my ...
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