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Questions tagged [api-key]

Questions about the registration, management, and usage of API keys.

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How API Keys Work (FAQ)

What are the API request limits? A single IP address can only make a certain number of API requests per day, depending on the presence of a valid API key. Default API daily limits: Key: 10,000 No Key:...
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How to delete an OAuth (2.0) API key?

I created a couple of extra keys I don't need. Can I delete them? I don't see an option anywhere in the list or on the page for the key itself.
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Provide a way to reset - not invalidate - API tokens

I'm running a service with ~300 write-authenticated access tokens. It's terrifying. As part of running such a service, I'd like to be able to cycle API tokens - so that if, heaven forbid, one made an ...
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Separate Request Quotas for Authorized [app]s

Imagine, if you will, you have a popular [app] hosted on a cloud computing service which is also used by a number of other [app]s. If this service forces clients to share IPs (and they all do, in ...
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Can we specify more than one OAuth Domain?

I would like to use the API from a browser extension. With WebExtensions, I should be able to support Firefox and Chrome with the same code. Chrome provides an identity API for OAuth2, and so does ...
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