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Tools (scripts/apps/libraries) that help with answers, or issues with the API handling of answers

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Get tags from question through an answer [duplicate]

I'd like to use this function: /users/{ids}/answers to get a list of answers from a user. The key element that I need though is what the question was tagged as, is there a possibility of having ...
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Please add the `tagged` parameter to /answers, /users, etc

The /questions endpoint supports a tagged parameter which I find quite useful. However, it's the only route that appears to support this parameter. If, say, I want to get questions asked by a given ...
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Answer up/down vote count not being returned in filter

As the picture shows, the up_vote_count and down_vote_count answer properties are selected but not returned. What gives?
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SkeetNotifier: A Tray Notifier Application for Jon Skeet's answers

About A tray application for Windows that notifies you about the newest answers from Jon Skeet. Icon approved by Jon Skeet! Screenshot License Source
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No Answering: prevent answering questions

Do you answer too many questions on stack sites? Does answering questions put you into a cycle of debating with people you'd rather not be spending time on? Then this app is for you. It does one ...
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Why these questions do not have a title?

Hitting the following /questions route: the endpoint returns this JSON data: { "total": 1, "page": 1, "pagesize": 1, "...
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Please add tags to answers

Update: This was completed as of API version 2.1. When querying any API method which returns answers (/users/ids/answers, /answers/ids, etc.) the result does not include the tag information for the ...
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/users/{id}/answers - broken

Have not checked other routes, as I am busy with other things, but a failing test pointed this out... GOOD: { "total": 37,...
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3 answers

Ideas for dealing with this pagination problem?

Okay, here is the problem: Certain questions contain more than one page's worth of answers. Given a sort method and an answer id, how can we figure out which page the answer is on? Any suggestions ...
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Problem getting a users answers within a date range

This issue is similar to Problem getting a users questions within a date range. Only this time I'm calling a different api and getting unexpected results. I'm calling
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The /search route is ignoring the answers parameter.

The answers parameter was recently added to most of the requests that return a list of questions. See: Don’t include answers in question lists by default It looks like the /search request got left ...
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Answers parameter not functional

For example the following: doesn't return answers.
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How to sort answers to question?

If I retrieve a question like so: I expect the answers to be sorted by votes, but they're not. How can I do this?
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Questions with accepted answers

I know that you could technically loop through the answers returned when you ask for /questions/{id} to see if an answer has been accepted, but it would be AWESOME if there was a top level boolean ...
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What is the correct way to get the URL for an answer via the API?

A while ago I made a little "Recently answered on Stack Overflow" sidebar widget for my homepage. Currently this works by filtering answers out of the user feed however I thought I'd update it to make ...
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Why answers don't have a "locked" attribute?

When looking at an answer, I can see that there is no locked_date attribute, like there is for questions. IIRC, answers can be locked by moderators. Also, if a post is unlocked, is that field ...
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