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For questions related to developing Stack Apps for the Android platform. General Android development questions should go to Stack Overflow; for non-development questions, see Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange.

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OBSOLETE - StackAnywhere - A Stack Exchange client for Android

Discontinued In light of the release of the official Stack Exchange app, which has far more functionality, there seems little point in releasing further updates for StackAnywhere. I've made the ad-...
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Official Stack Exchange Android App

Screenshots About Stack Exchange is a network of 100+ question and answer communities on everything from software programming to cooking, photography, and gaming. With this app you can: Track ...
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SO Watch Face - Android Wear OS Watch Face and Complications

Stack Overflow Wear OS Watch Face Demo video Side by side comparison with the swag: This app was originally made for the Time for some more swag competition on Meta.SE Main features Can display ...
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Open Source Chat Android Application for StackExchange/StackOverflow

A while back a fellow member of Room 15 (Android) started creating an Android application for the StackOverflow/StackExchange chat. I recently picked it up and revived it and it is open to community ...
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OBSOLETE - StackX - Android application for Stack Exchange (Free) (UI and optimization upgrade)

Update: 4/15/2013: Screenshots updated according to latest layout An android application that will allow the user to browse through all of stack exchange websites using API v2.1. Browse any of the ...
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SOFlair - An Android Widget that shows your Flair

Soflair is a (very) simple widget for Android that shows a user's flair (avatar, reputation & badges). The JSON is polled every 60 minutes. Download
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DashClock Extension for Android

About Displays the user's reputation on the Android lock screen as an extension of the popular DashClock widget. It can be switched between displaying the total reputation score and today's ...
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Stackopedia - all the answers to the questions you never asked

Screenshots Splashscreen Random Questions Settings About An Android app that shows a random high voted question and its best answer each time you launch it. A really different way to learn new ...
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Stack Android Application

About Stack is an Android application that lets you browse and other Stack Exchange sites. Screenshot Download / Install Download from Google Play Code Check out the source code on ...
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Showr for Android

Screenshot About Put artwork and information at your fingertips, or make your Android device truly personal, with Showr. Showr adds pictures to your home screen or lock screen: picked from your ...
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QStack (Android Mobile App)

Screenshot / Code Snippet Insert a reasonably sized screenshot (or code snippet) of your app here, so we can get a quick look at it and an idea of how it works and what it might do for us. App ...
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Alternative to official app?

I started using the Stack exchange app, but realized it was abandoned and just plain sucks. Now that I abandoned it though, I really miss push notifications and having all 8 sites I'm active in one ...
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Stack Flower: a simple Android app for searching Stack Overflow

Stack Flower is a simple Android app for browsing Stack Overflow, with some useful search customization options. You can easily make queries like Posts from this week tagged "android", ranked by ...
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CareerStack - An Android app to search Stack Overflow Careers from your mobile or tablet

Screenshots About Powered by Stack Overflow Careers' RSS feed, CareerStack is an Android app to search & share job listings easily from any Android device. Users can search by: ...
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Stack Explorer (Android app)

This Android app randomly selects pages from Stack Exchanges sites based on tags selected by the user, to help discover new interesting content and learn new things. You can install it here: https://...
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PLACEHOLDER - QA Overflow - Stack Overflow Android Client

This app is currently under development, but stay tuned for more updates.
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OBSOLETE - Stack Viewer - App for navigate in Stack Overflow and more

Obsolete: Links are dead; no source code. This is a native android app for navigate in Stack Overflow. You can see answers, questions, best users by reputation, search by text and tags among other ...
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BugBridger - A stack overflow mobile app to solve all of your questions

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Discover featured questions effortlessly on the home tab, elegantly presented in card format. Each question card provides essential details such as the question title,...
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FlowOver Stack App

Screenshot / Code Snippet About A Stack Overflow Client App where Developers can search and look out questions as well as solutions to problems posted on Stack Overflow. They can as well run a ...
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clik - Notification Synchronization

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Your notifications are split between screens, apps, and sites. Put them all in one place, only a clik away! clik removes the hassle of keeping track of your Facebook,...
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StackX app - problem signing in with Google ID

I have a problem with StackX app on my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone (Android 4.3). I'm logging to StackExchange in general, and StackOferflow in particular, using my Google ID. The app does not recognize ...
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