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Questions tagged [android]

For questions related to developing Stack Apps for the Android platform. General Android development questions should go to Stack Overflow; for non-development questions, see Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange.

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59 votes
4 answers

OBSOLETE - Droidstack for Android - now with chat support! [closed]

Obsolete - coded for decommissioned version of the API. This app unmaintained since Feb 2011. Source code still available; all other links dead or empty. Current status I'm not actively maintaining ...
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OBSOLETE - StackX - Android application for Stack Exchange (Free) (UI and optimization upgrade)

Update: 4/15/2013: Screenshots updated according to latest layout An android application that will allow the user to browse through all of stack exchange websites using API v2.1. Browse any of the ...
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38 votes
0 answers

OBSOLETE - StackAnywhere - A Stack Exchange client for Android

Discontinued In light of the release of the official Stack Exchange app, which has far more functionality, there seems little point in releasing further updates for StackAnywhere. I've made the ad-...
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1 answer

Question up-voting is not working from my code?

I am trying to upvote a question using the Stack Exchange API in android, via the /2.2/questions/{questionID}/upvote route. But in the log, it's just showing something like: org.apache.http....
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Official Stack Exchange Android App

Screenshots About Stack Exchange is a network of 100+ question and answer communities on everything from software programming to cooking, photography, and gaming. With this app you can: Track ...
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16 votes
1 answer

StackWidget for Android

StackWidget 1.1 Screenshots About StackOverflow home screen widget. Displays hottest question - click widget to see top 10 hottest. New in 1.1: - Change question category (newest, by tag) - Switch ...
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TopStack - Android client for Stack Exchange [closed]

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Android client for Stack Overflow and then all Stack Exchange sites in the future. License Freeware. Will probably change to ad-supported or maybe open-source (depends ...
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Alternative to official app?

I started using the Stack exchange app, but realized it was abandoned and just plain sucks. Now that I abandoned it though, I really miss push notifications and having all 8 sites I'm active in one ...
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0 answers

Stack Flower: a simple Android app for searching Stack Overflow

Stack Flower is a simple Android app for browsing Stack Overflow, with some useful search customization options. You can easily make queries like Posts from this week tagged "android", ranked by ...
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How to login programmatically on Android?

I think my question is not a duplicate of this one: How to login programmatically I have read the authentication document but, still, I am unable to get what's needed to login programmatically on ...
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StackX app - problem signing in with Google ID

I have a problem with StackX app on my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone (Android 4.3). I'm logging to StackExchange in general, and StackOferflow in particular, using my Google ID. The app does not recognize ...
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