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Questions tagged [.net]

For questions on usage of the Stack Exchange API within the .NET context.

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ExchangeLinq: LINQ Query Provider for Stack Exchange API v2.0

ExchangeLinq is a LINQ Query Provider for the Stack Exchange API. It only supports API v2.0. It is currently in alpha state and is being developed for Exchange It, a Stack Exchange client for Windows ...
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SEStandard - A .NET Standard 1.1 compliant Stack Exchange client library that supports API v2.2

Please note that SEStandard is still under development. It is currently at version 1.0.0-rc, and is a release candidate. While you can expect the API not to change, you might come across bugs. Please ...
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LIVE Desktop Alert for Stack Overflow

About This app will provide you LIVE desktop notification for new questions posted on StackOverflow. You can add your favorite tags and it will continue searching for new questions. If it finds a new ...
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Stack Bridge Application

Screenshot / Code Snippet SB For Windows About From This Application you can see all your account, see new Questions and Answer. You will receive a message every time you get a badge etc. License ...
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The Authentication Problem of WebAuthenticationBroker Class in .NET 4.6

I have a problem when you test the Stack Exchange Authentication API to WebAuthenticationBroker. If you proceed with authentication, such as screenshots it will continue to appear only in progress. . ...
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