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For questions on usage of the Stack Exchange API within the .NET context.

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OBSOLETE - Soapi.CS : A fully relational fluent .NET Stack Exchange API client library

Soapi.CS for .Net / Silverlight / Windows Phone 7 / Mono as easy as breathing...: var context = new ApiContext(apiKey).Initialize(false); Question thisPost = context.Official .StackApps ....
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Stacky - A .NET client library (Full support for API v2.0)

Stacky - A .NET Client Library The same great library now supports the 2.0 API! Sample Code IUrlClient urlClient = new UrlClient(); IProtocol protocol = new ...
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5 answers

OBSOLETE - soapi-notify : Stay ahead of the pack with new question notification V1 release

Obsolete: This app no longer works. It uses a version of the API that was decommissioned in May of 2014. soapi-notify Stay ahead of the pack soapi-notify is an easy to use windows application ...
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1 answer

OBSOLETE - Soapi.FindUser - Quickly find a any Stack Exchange user

OBSOLETE: has been down since at least 2012. Soapi.FindUser About Soapi.FindUser is a tiny .NET 3.5 application that searches all Stack Exchange sites for users by name with the provided ...
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38 votes
2 answers

StacMan - .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

Features Supports all Stack Exchange API V2 methods through version 2.1 Easy to use: one-to-one mapping between StacMan and API methods/params Async is easy: methods return Task<T> so they're ...
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Desktop login URL: WebBrowser hangs (.NET) - JavaScript endless-loop

I am using .NET 4 and trying to use the desktop authentication via the web-browser control (WPF and/or WinForms; StackApp NNTP bridge for accessing StackExchange forums (like StackOverflow)). It seems ...
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Stack Bridge Application

Screenshot / Code Snippet SB For Windows About From This Application you can see all your account, see new Questions and Answer. You will receive a message every time you get a badge etc. License ...
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SEStandard - A .NET Standard 1.1 compliant Stack Exchange client library that supports API v2.2

Please note that SEStandard is still under development. It is currently at version 1.0.0-rc, and is a release candidate. While you can expect the API not to change, you might come across bugs. Please ...
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The Authentication Problem of WebAuthenticationBroker Class in .NET 4.6

I have a problem when you test the Stack Exchange Authentication API to WebAuthenticationBroker. If you proceed with authentication, such as screenshots it will continue to appear only in progress. . ...
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How do I find all questions/answers per a tag using .Net?

I want to get the list of questions based on tag name using .Net. can any one please let me know how to achieve this using .Net with API Version 2.2?
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