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Rep Change Notifier for Android

About Just a simple Python script I threw together to notify me through my Android phone if my reputation is changed. I created it for my own personal use but figured I might as well throw it out ...
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How can I introduce my Stack Overflow app to other users?

Recently, I created a project to manage and extract questions from Stack Overflow and convert those to PDF docs. I put it on GitHub. I think this project could be improved and could be very helpful ...
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Stack Apps updated site theme is ready for testing!

As part of implementing the new unified themes across the network, we're gradually rolling out updated site themes for each site. As of today, we have enabled your updated site theme for testing. If ...
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Why aren't my application icons being used in the "Top Apps" list?

I've got application icons listed for each of my apps, but the "Top Apps" list shows the default "pages with gears" icon instead. Each time I've registered the application before posting a question ...
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My app has to be published first? But it's still under development

Okay, I want to build an App that allows me to create questions on Stack Exchange. I registered it here on Stack Apps but now when I want to create a question I get this message: { "error_message": ...
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What to do about the tsunami of placeholder apps created because of a poorly written tutorial?

Last months, we're seeing more and more placeholder apps created by people who are following a certain Android tutorial. I'm not going to give examples because it's really hard not seeing them. I feel ...
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Editor buttons for injecting documentation links

I wrote a small user script for adding some buttons to the question editor. The idea came up a few times on Meta Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow, and I just wanted to share a rough version to get ...
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Script to add a "Related Tags" module for search on all Stack Exchange sites

Screenshot / Code Snippet About Back in May A.Danesh asked "How can I see related tag for a search query?". I didn't actually see this question at the time but by September I started wondering the ...
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How to 'publish' an app after the development is complete?

I followed the steps and created a StackApp (registering a new OAuth app) and added a StackApp post as per question - My app has to be published first? But it's still under development Now that my ...
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Does Stack Apps have some special rep and Community Wiki modifications?

I have posted a "question" (actually an app) on Stack Apps, and received two upvotes on it. Each gave me 10 reputation. This runs counter to every other Stack Exchange site - and, indeed, the Stack ...
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Drafting users for testing in Alpha/Beta stage?

I finally stopped stagnating long enough to start working on an application for Stack Apps using the API. Development is going well and within the next 6 to 8 weeks there will be enough functionality ...
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Why does dropdown comes in "Rev" when we edit published app?

I have published an app and editing it. One new "Rev" tab is created and it is giving me a dropdown as shown here. Why it is being created here? It is not created in any other Stack Exchange websites ...
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Can I make a Private Application?

I wish to access the API from a purely internal application; no visible app to the public, no promotion, no OAuth. That seems impossible via the key registration form; am I missing something?
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Where can I find login api for logging in stackexchange?

I need my bot (me) to login without myself involved in it. I've set up my node server, but now I can't figure out how to login. I'll need fkey to connect to socket, and for that I feel I'll need to ...
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Is my script's API usage okay?

I've written a short Python script to help people review C and C++ questions on Code Review. It uses the API version 2.2. I've already asked there for a review of that Python code, but I would ...
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