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OBSOLETE - Stack Apps Listing Wizard - Making it easier to list your application right here on Stack Apps

Screenshot About Listing an application here on Stack Apps can be a lot of work. First you have to visit this question and copy the markdown. Some of those fields don't apply to UserScripts and some ...
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Guidelines on app and library thumbnails

We now have better, user-friendlier display for apps and libraries and scripts: We infer a number of things ...
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Stackopedia - all the answers to the questions you never asked

Screenshots Splashscreen Random Questions Settings About An Android app that shows a random high voted question and its best answer each time you launch it. A really different way to learn new ...
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How to license applications?

I registered on few days ago. I have written several applications that I want to place on this site. But I have a question -- how can I license my applications?
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How to 'publish' an app after the development is complete?

I followed the steps and created a StackApp (registering a new OAuth app) and added a StackApp post as per question - My app has to be published first? But it's still under development Now that my ...
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Where can I find login api for logging in stackexchange?

I need my bot (me) to login without myself involved in it. I've set up my node server, but now I can't figure out how to login. I'll need fkey to connect to socket, and for that I feel I'll need to ...
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Adjusting the question templates to better accommodate placeholders

From time to time, we see users posting placeholder questions using one of the templates. They have no useful information to add, so they just leave the template as is, which is very logical behaviour....
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Applications must have a registered Stack Apps post to write. I submited this link for stack apps post

OAuth Domain [email protected] Application Website: Application Icon (optional): '' Stack Apps ...
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Get our Stack Exchange inbox as native notification on Chrome

About I'm new to the Stack Exchange sites. So I was looking for Chrome Extensions get make my experience better. I searched for a simple and good looking Notification app. I found nothing so I make ...
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Is my script's API usage okay?

I've written a short Python script to help people review C and C++ questions on Code Review. It uses the API version 2.2. I've already asked there for a review of that Python code, but I would ...
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Can I make a Private Application?

I wish to access the API from a purely internal application; no visible app to the public, no promotion, no OAuth. That seems impossible via the key registration form; am I missing something?
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Why aren't my application icons being used in the "Top Apps" list?

I've got application icons listed for each of my apps, but the "Top Apps" list shows the default "pages with gears" icon instead. Each time I've registered the application before posting a question ...
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PLACEHOLDER - register my app, nothing special [closed]

Just a post to register my app, nothing special
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Why does dropdown comes in "Rev" when we edit published app?

I have published an app and editing it. One new "Rev" tab is created and it is giving me a dropdown as shown here. Why it is being created here? It is not created in any other Stack Exchange websites ...
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PLACEHOLDER - My new app [closed]

PLACEHOLDER only for my new app.
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